Deal Check: 2020 Jeep Gladiator Sport 4x4 $323/mo $1000 DAS $35,530 MSRP


MSRP: $35,530
Selling: $34,404 (TrueCar price - Before incentives)
Term: 24mo / 10k mile
Residual: 82
MF: .00244
Taxed Incentives: $2000 Jeep & $500 TrueCar

$1000 DAS and $323/mo inc NJ tax

Calculator Link


No other dealers in your area will discount more than 3%? I’ve seen much higher discounts on the forum the last couple weeks.

Not many at this MSRP in inventory locally. I could expand my search radius.

In order to get this price I had to force them to honor their True Car offer

Sounds like you’re only working with one dealer who is being shady with giving info, which is usually not a recipe for great success. You’re in real muddy water with the lack of info but given that it’s a CDJR dealer I’d guess the MF is marked up.

Not a good deal honestly. Dealers near me are advertising

299 with 299 due at signing for a sport s at 44k

Can you share one of these advertisements? Nobody I know has actually been able to get one of these deals. Best confirmed deal I’ve seen here was from @rubbergash

But that has $1800 in effective DAS which adds about $50 to the monthly and puts it around $310/mo with $0 drive off in NJ. I do suspect the MFs are marked up.

24 mths - MF would be .00244 and the RV is 82%,
27 mths - MF would be .00242 and the RV is 80%,
36 mths (MF - .00225 & RV - 75%)
42 mths (MF - .00242 & RV - 72%)
48 mths (MF - .00258 & RV - 70%)

I think it must be US Bank because of the rebate. Sounds like I need to find another $2K in discounts.

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Not to mention that I believe @rubbergash made it clear that this was virtually unobtainable and only happened because of a dealer employee/manager calling in some favors.

Wouldn’t that mean it’s attainable? Haha. I have one negotiated very close to that for myself. Prob gonna flip it on swapalease.

Disclaimer I can’t replicate or broker Jeep deals. I hate dealing with them. This has been a week long process…


Know little about this model…are they selling well overall?

Found a great spreadsheet on the gladiator forum for calculating invoice and discount targets;

Before incentives I’m sitting around 2.5% below invoice right now. The gladiator forum suggest I should be able to achieve 7% below invoice. That is about another $1670 in discounts this dealer is holding back.

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Dealer wouldn’t move any further on discount and sold the vehicle to another party over weekend.

Unfortunately there are no more Gladiators at this MSRP within 200 miles.

Looks like that’s how this will end.

Just got an email with a personalized code stating Jeep is offering an additional $500 to $1000 incentive for a purchase by the end of March: Following up with my dealer to see if they can apply it to Gladiator. Would bring the payment down by $23/mo in my current configuration.


I’ve started the process of using Rodo to get a Gladiator deal done.

2020 Gladiator Sport w/ Automatic
MSRP 38,180
36mo 10K miles
$317 DAS (first month’s payment)

As close as I can get the calc

Signed thread coming!!


That is a Sport not a Sport S correct? Sport S have the ugly wheels :man_shrugging:

Yes, it’s a Sport w/ automatic. I had mistook it for a Sport S at first.

Thanks for the clarification. Im on the fence with it…Looks great. Good luck with it :+1:

Good thing you got the Automatic… Recall on the Manuals :fire: