Deal Check: 2020 GMC Sierra 1500 4WD Denali MSRP: $72,020 $3,000 DAS $653/mo 39m/10k


Continue search to replace my Gladiatior:

3.0L Duramax , Denali Ultimate, Denali Carbonpro

Year, Make, Model, and Trim: 2020 GMC Sierra Denali 1500 4WD Denali
MSRP: $71,350
Sales Price: $66, 639 (6.6% pre-incentive $550 below supplier)
Rebates: $1750 (Lease Conquest)
Bank fee $695
DMV and dealer fees $684
Months: 36
Annual Mileage: 10000
Monthly Payment: $597 (w/o tax)
Drive-Off Amount: $3,607 (1st mo, Fees, Taxes)
MF: .00057 (1.37%)
Residual: 64%
Region: New Jersey
Best Effort Calculator Link

The pre-incentive discount is $550 better then the GM supplier pricing. This looks like a better value to me as compared then the Silverado right now. Dealer has another Denali at lower MSRP but without the Carbonpro package. I’m playing with a bit of house money thanks to the Gladiator.

My thinking is to ask for 8% off to close the deal.

They came down another $600 to 7.5% pre-incentive discount or about $1100 below supplier pricing. That brings monthly to $577.

Updated calculator.

You’re replacing the Gladiator already? Did I miss something?

Carvana is offering me $39,500 to purchase the Gladiator and my lease buyout is $34,000 (on a purchase price of $32,500). They are offering me above MSRP. I just can’t pass that up.

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Don’t let that quote expire!! Lol. Assuming you’ve already told the dealer you have supplier?

39,500? Is that including aftermarket stuff? I’m getting $38,388 for my Sport S, I need to at least do some due diligence here.

Carvana wants the vehicle returned back to 100% stock. Which is a PIA but I’ll make more $$ when I sell the parts. Here is Carvana offer locked in to 9/2


And check our the MMR

Complete insanity.

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I’m wondering why the base Sport is coming out higher than the Sport S? My payoff is high anyway thanks to the negative equity I rolled in, so I’d be stuck with it even if I wanted to sell it.

I’m looking at used listings and these things are all listed used with 15k plus miles on them at or around full MSRP. That’s nuts.

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Do you have a supplier code for the GMC? I’d normally tell you to push for 10% off but who knows if that’s doable or not right now.

Welcome to our world, sorry, hell :-1:

The used market has been upended and I even have corporate dealers offering 2k bellow mmr or 1k above book whichever is less.

Weird how trucks are getting price reductions in NE from carvana. I’m getting the same on a family members truck but both my SUVs have been +$$. I would check with Algo btw too if you haven’t already. They’ve been higher on every vehicle lately of mine and seem to also negotiate. Maybe they’ll give you extra for the parts and save you the headache of selling them (probably unlikely but yea).

I do have a GM supplier code but they are already $1100 better then the supplier price. I am right at 10% when you consider the $1750 rebate. This is the third GM dealer I am dancing with, lost the first two vehicles during the process, and it’s the best pre-incentive discount I’ve found yet (short of 1 @ethanrs unicorn in CA).

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If you haven’t told them you have supplier yet just ask them to split the supply back end with you and call it a day.

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I have not told them yet I have supplier.

Just checked Algo and the instant appraisal was $39K for the Jeep – $542 less then Carvana. But i don’t know yet what their policies are on the suspension modifications.

Dealer with Denali gave me a sight unseen offer of $37K for the Gladiator, and I can leave on as many parts as I want. I maybe able to work out some additional tax savings this way, we shall see how loose they handle their accounting. In any case, it’s enough to magically cover the DAS on the new vehicle.

Gave them a CC deposit on the deal at $577/mo and $3915 DAS before including the trade to hold the Denali. Let’s see what happens when I get onsite.

Why are you trading a brand new Gladiator for a Sierra Denali?

If you can get $10K off that new truck that would be great.

Get this… best offer to purchase the Gladiator came from Rodo at $39,600 – They are willing to accept it with the suspension modifications in place. Pickup scheduled for Monday

Can you put your vehicle up on there now or is this just from approaching dealers and saying you have a trade in? Haven’t used the app much recently.