Deal Check: 2020 Ford Explorer Limited AWD 24/12

Got this deal from a dealer on an Explorer Limited AWD:

MSRP: 53735
SP 51500
RV: 64%
APR: 1.84
Incentives: 4350

Acquisition: 645
Dealer: 449

Per Month: 745
Program: 24/12

I am thinking I can push more on the dealer discount? It says 4.2% now

Terrible discount and crazy high payment. Have you checked Edmunds to see what 36/12 would be? Would probably save you a bundle.

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Gotta stick with 24 months

Yuck. Gotta do better than that.

bruh there is an x5 with a v-8 listed here for that payment lol


At least 10%. And the payment is still going to suck, even with that residual and APR.

Thank you. I was thinking the same lol

If you must have 24 months, why not just do a lease takeover with something that is about that long?


X4MC/X5 m50i payment

Have you even sat inside an Explorer?

You just said your requirement was “decent 3rd row space for tall folks”

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There is a Lexus GX on transfer market with a year left, at half this payment. You get flexibility, three rows, and 1/2 the payment, or substantially less at 480p/m + tax 0 down. You get even better flexibility, a large, albeit outdated suv, and for less.

Better yet, local to you in NJ.

@mllcb42: Thanks…
@jeisensc: you mean with 24 months?
@BoardWalkNJ: already scanning for that. Learning how it works, what are the ifs?
@max_g: I have, may be not the new one… due to the covid. Explorer isn’t only the option on the table.
@HersheySweet: Thanks

I get that you’re trying to solve your vehicle needs and that price is a factor, but you’re running past the advice you’ve been given and are using horrible dealer offers as your measuring stick for comparing vehicles.


The advises that have been offered and my reading this forum makes me at least know now what is a bad offer. I was seeking places where I can bargain on this offer. Honestly, I am thinking my discussion is boring people which is possible as most are pros here but I know how dealers deal and how much patience I would need to close a deal with them suiting my needs.
I needed vehicle inputs, how much should I bargain on with dealer discount and how to use the calculator. I have received bad offers only on ask which I had to because I wasn’t getting any replies. Now I wait.
Thanks again

What is your expected target number and is it realistic from your calculations?

From what I have learnt this should be:

Experts any thoughts on the above shared expected calculation:

What’s your 12% based on? I haven’t seen a explorer deal with 12% pre-incentive discount here yet.

Well to be honest this is an expectation check. I have read other deals on the explorer XLT loaded around the same price which if I build the calculator with XLT MF and RV is around 11%.

I guess that isn’t realistic. I have been receiving 4% discounts per the original post here and reviewers say that is bad and at least 10% has to be there. Which is why I inclined to a more aggressive 12%.

Trying hard to understand how to make this work. If 24 mon is going to be $600 then at least I need to know the math is correct whether or not the payment is affordable/worth.

I have been trying for months to get a Ford dealer to give me 10% off pre-incentives. The closest I’ve come, after speaking with many dealers is 9.2% This is for an F150, though we did consider an Explorer as well and I couldn’t do any better. Even the brokers who work with Ford agree that they just don’t discount like some other makes. One broker told me to aim for 10%.