Deal Check: 2020 Ford Explorer Limited AWD 24/12

This is good input. Thanks.

Did you go with the Ford?

Also, did you find a broker here on the forum? I have been reaching out to some but couldn’t find a Ford specialist

I’m still trying! I love the F150, so will go for it as soon as I feel like I’ve gotten the best possible deal🙂

If you adjust your calculator for a more reasonable 9-10% and update your dealer fees/.gov fees from the defaults, you’re easily topping $600 here. I don’t see the quality of the explorer justifying anything near that cost personally.

You have shared some valuable tips, but with Kia and Hyundai out of my range (palisade SEL for 36/10 was quoted at $599 $0 Down to me) I have to close with Ford before opting for VW Atlas or the new on the list is the Dodge Durango ( old but reviews aren’t that crazy)

If you don’t mind me asking, how much time have you spent looking for a deal?

Side note, I have liked the RAM more than the F-150 but it is an amazing truck. If you like the Tundras there are some amazing deals which I was browsing today on the forum. The discounts per me are hefty and people are leasing with the broker

Ignoring dealer quotes, what numbers do you get for a palisade based on current lease programs and a ~7% pre-incentive discount?

I have the MF / RV for 36/15 from edmunds unfortunately not 36/10. Was looking at a 15k initially.

If I check that in the calculator and $500 lease cash I get $594. I am assuming the 10k would be around $30 - 40 less

add 3% to the RV

Why are you calculating at 36 months when you “gotta stick with 24 months?”

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Yeap the calculator was doing the same. Wasn’t sure if I would get the MF correct for 10. With that it says $553

I think I made an error on terminology… the $0 is down not DAS… corrected above

Haha… you know what when I was writing that reply post I thought about this comment… you would ask me this

Well… I still want to stick to a 24/12 but then Hyundai Palisade is an amazing car as such, it is a value for money and good job done by Hyundai overall. I am just wondering if 36/12 would work for me but that is only because Hyundai won’t do a 24 month on the vehicle (and that is a current scenario only for that vehicle per a dealer. 24 would be available once the supply is abundant)

Yeah that’s not how it works

Only you can decide.

You seem to be going in circles, in general:

  • most 24 leases aren’t as good as 36 months (check the RV). Sometimes Ford has special weird leases that don’t divide by 12. You have to do the research and run numbers
  • you are spreading anything you roll-in over a much shorter term

If you really can’t hold onto this for more than two years, consider looking at taking over somebody else’s lease already in progress or consider leasing for 36 months and putting it up for swap after two years assuming you get a strong enough deal.

It doesn’t sound like the discounts you’re looking for are quite there, and taking a shorter than normal lease term is just going to push the lease payment higher

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So I’m new to Leasehackr so forgive me for being the newbie. I see all these deals on the Explorers. I’ve owned 2 in the past and now my third one is the ST. I enjoy everything about it except the infortainment but that’s for another thread. Anyway my brother who told me about this forum worked this deal for me
Sorry for the lack of details/info. I got this back I’m February.

2020 Explorer ST
Upgrades were Street pack, infotainment package, pearl white and bench 2nd row
$1500 up front which included 1st month
$599 taxes included 35 months
This was done in Southern California

Compared to most of what I’ve seen here I think I got a good deal. :thinking: