Deal Check - 2020 Acura ILX

Hi there, please check out this Acura ILX deal. This is for a friend. I am not sure how much the car is being sold for before incentives. If i had to guess id say dealer is not giving much discount possibly a meager $900 discount and rest all of the incentives are being applied towards discount.

MF .00215 and residual is 56%
Term: 36 month 10k miles.

$3750 incentives
$750 loyalty



Sounds like you know the answer

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Yea, i am trying to figure out what percentage is a realistic number to push dealer to discount the car before incentives in this deal? 10%?

I think 10% before incentives is reasonable on that car. How is the trade in offer in comparison to what you can get from Carmax or Carvana?

Don’t apply the trade to the deal, ask for a check back

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Yea i have already recommend getting check for trade instead of applying it to deal.

I dont think the he took his trade to carvana or carmax. I pulled blackbook and also got MMR pulled on the trade and both were over $5000.

Im trying to get my friend to push the dealer on discount before incentives but i think dealer is being difficult and not compromising on discount or the trade value.

Shop around, even with COVID inventory issues, I doubt there’s a run on sedans.

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Yea i agree on shopping around but we all know when heart gets set on a car it gets set real bad lol

Previous gen Civic isn’t something to get too excited about though


LOL… :joy:

Is 2020 model previous gen? I thought this is the most recent/newest generation of ILX no? @joeblogs

The current ILX is based on the last generation Civic.

They just updated the exterior and added safety features. Drivetrain is still the same from 2016 on and the infotainment system is showing its age, however they did add apple carplay/android auto on most trims.

Got it, thank you. @GrayFox @cruiserchuck

Yeah just window dressing

True, but for a payment of less than $250 a month I would still drive one.

I can’t find many ILX pre-incentive comps here. Looking at a different Acura - the RDX - I have seen a few June/July deals hitting 9.1-10.9% pre-incentive. Your 10% target can work.

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It’s not. It’s $3,500 equity applied to get to that monthly

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Should have seen this earlier.

You’re wasting your time. And ours.

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Im sorry, i know convincing someone else on what to do on a car deal can be hard but i can try to help.