Deal advise. 2021 Alfa Romeo Giulia TI


I’m NYC/Brooklyn area and want to know if I’m getting a good deal. AR Giulia Ti 36/10 lease. Thank you for any help!

Hey there,

Happy to help! is there a trade or lease return involved in this?

No, I’m currently just borrowing my parents’ old car, so not trading anything in.

Why not try to fill out the calculator? You just need to find the m.f.

Right, I filled it out and this seems to be .00003 MF in order to get the rest of the numbers to line up. CALCULATOR | LEASEHACKR

The incentives are taxed and you can figure out m.f. from rent charge but I think your calculator is close enough. ~$540 a month for a Giulia, I would look to see if I can get into a 3 series but that’s personal preference.

Do you have any recommendations for slightly cheaper cars with a good amount of driver assist features? That still pack a little punch/are fun to drive? Needs to have a back seat, preferably sedan, hatchback or crossover, but a coup could work.

What are the chances of driving a Alfa home from the dealership without it breaking down? 50%


Eh, they have a bad reputation from one model plus a lemon that a reviewer got. Most of their cars are pretty reliable.

Acura TLX and they are being discounted reasonably in this market. Check the threads.

Here’s a good start…

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As long as you are under warranty, it shouldn’t be a problem. Although, that being said, my brother had a 2019 Giulia (leased) and it spent over a month in the shop, and Alfa didn’t even want to pay for a loaner…

I think the TLX will check all of OPs boxes if he thinks it is sporty enough.


As someone who has a Guilia (it’s my gf’s daily driver) I can’t express how fast I want to run away from this car for all its electrical/computer issues.

Drives like a great Italian RWD car though :slight_smile:

I would take the TLX advice, the type S may not be too pricey, as others said there’s high incentives while also supposed to have an amazing drive and feel. (According to the YouTubers so take that for what it’s worth).


Thanks for the responses everyone. TLX over an S60 or XC40? Are Acura’s crossovers any good? Or the ILX?

If you love to drive, it’s a lease. I’ve heard good and bad, mostly early cars. I’m considering doing the same. Keep in mind that by 2025 it’s likely electric cars will be very attractive and affordable to buy and cheap to run. Passion will is an open question.

Acura TLX’s with conquest cash + low interest rate= solid lease costs right now, especially in this current market we are in!

New Acura RDX is actually a great driver in the segment, but the engine leaves a bit lacking comparatively.

My siblings have leased 4 Stelvios. The first Stelvio spent a month in the shop a week after they got it for electrical issues.

Other 3 have been fine. Still, that’s a 25% failure rate, haha.


Wait each one or your siblings leased a Stelvio at the same time? Your family should be study case in America :slight_smile:
Hope they got a nice bulk purchase discount!

3 series is a no brainer…still the sport sedan reference as far as I am concerned.

They leased Stelvios in the same quarter, not at the same time.

We couldn’t find 47k MSRP luxury SUV’s leasing for 340 a month anywhere else, so why not?