Deal advise. 2021 Alfa Romeo Giulia TI

Oh of course wasn’t trying to be critical! An entire leasehacking family is so awesome!

I test drove a TLX and wasn’t a huge fan. Felt powerful enough but seats were just a bit uncomfortable for me. Trans felt a bit laggy, but a bit better when I put it in sport mode.

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There is an Alfa Romeo broker on here that can help you out with this. @Justin_Sutton
Give him a chance, he might be able to get you a better deal?

Honda Accord Hybrid EX-L once prices become more reasonable (should be a sub $400 lease WITH tax). Not as sporty, but more comfortable, reliable, and surprisingly responsive and fast and you’ll be able to get away with a lot more and not get tickets. It holds more in the trunk than most small SUVs. Also looked at BMW 4 liftback in the upper $400s but they didn’t come standard with as much stuff and out of pocket was substantially higher due to taxes on all the incentives.

I drove the Giulia for a day and really liked it a lot, but after coming from a Volkswagen I just didn’t want to risk more headaches dealing with car issues and dealer nonsense. Also seeing one on fire on the side of the road the same day didn’t exactly inspire confidence.

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On my second Giulia lease. First one was a 2017 and now in a 2020. Absolutely zero issues other than a less than stellar dealer network.

You won’t find a better driving sedan for the price, IMO. I test drove all the competitors and nothing came close. My advice would be to go with what you initially wanted and get the Giulia. The odds are that you’ll have a hassle free experience.

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Looking at giulias I keep psyching myself into wanting the higher trims and then it gets too pricey and I look at other things. Is the base trim good enough? Can you get the driver assist addon on the base or only on a Ti?

My ‘17 was a Base Sport and was still a blast to drive. The ‘20 is a Ti Sport and it’s obviously better due to the Ti Sport Performance Package (limited slip diff, staggered setup). Also, the build quality, fit and finish on newer Alfa’s is waaaay better than the early builds. The ‘20 felt like a different car to me.

Whatever level you enter at I don’t think you’ll find a more fun sedan for the price.

And to add another positive Alfa experience, my wife drove a ‘18 Stelvio for almost 2 years without any issues.

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I second this. I’m over a year and a half into my lease on a '19 Ti sport and have had zero issues. Infotainment is not that great but I hear the newer trims improved on that.

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I leased a 2019 base Giulia ($375/month). To me, the higher cost associated with trims was not worth it, because the engine was the same. However, I did get 19" wheels. I had one issue with the infotainment system, which was corrected, and no other maintenance issues. Out of all of the cars I test drove (S60, A3/4/5, 3 series, TLX) the Giulia immediately felt different. It goes. I’m sure you noticed that test driving. Plus, it’s different. It has style. It looks sexy. It’s nice to not be another audi/beamer.


On second Alfa lease, have had 0 issues so far. Best cars ever.

Some people get lucky, at times.


The TLX is very similar to the accord with the 2.0 engine and 10 speed auto I believe, the same setup I have. Yeah standard mode has way too much lag. Sport mode changes it quite a bit but it’s not exactly a nimble car. Turning radius is abysmal. Gas mileage (city) is abysmal. It’s quite large to park. Everything else including reliability has been great. Loved that it had all the driver assist features but I only ever use the things like adaptive cruise like twice a year on long drives. Carplay is great, sound system is ehhh ok at best.

I drove the accord hybrid and it feels WAY more responsive than the 2.0 with double the city MPG. The sport 1.5 Accord feels like a much lighter and more nimble car, just not as quiet and luxurious.

You must have a base model TLX for the audio system to be “ehhh.” The ELS system in the Tech model and up is awesome. It consistently is reviewed as one of the best audio systems.

I will admit that I was less than impressed by the 2021 version vs. my 2019. The 2021 felt less roomy, almost confining. I love my TLX but since the new model’s price increase + less incentive money, a new one will likely cost me $125 more per month. I will probably look elsewhere next year.