**DEAD** 3 Days only! Audi SQ7 $910/m, SQ5 $449/m

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Great deal on SQ7! 3 Days only or until sold out.

SQ7 36/7500 mi, 9 MSDs (55 more without MSDs), 910 +tax
MSRP 87600. Needs Costco and Loyalty.
Drive offs only. (tax on rebate, license/registration, acq., 1st month payment) + MSDs

SQ5 SOLD OUT of 60k SQ5s. Only 5 SQ5s left. Email me for pricing on each.
36/7500 mi, 7 MSDs, 449 +tax
MSRP 60200. Needs Costco and Loyalty.
No cap reduction. Drive offs only.

Samantha 510-403-3655


How much extra per month without the Audi Loyalty incentive?

  1. 938 plus tax

What SQ5 trims are available? Also whats the drive off? :slight_smile:

She needs to add DAS to these.

Agreed. Due at signing should be added. I would presume it would be the standard such as taxes, first month, dealer fees, registration and acquisition fee.

It looks like the discount pre-incentive is 12.5%?

a little birdie told me that carvana offers 7-day money back guarantees. They have Audi vehicles in stock :wink:


Srsly does that work?

Try it :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Even unwinding a deal on carvana would leave you on the hook for registration and dealer fees. Not a time worthy hack.

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What does dealer look for to show qualification for loyalty? I still have an insurance card for an Audi that I turned in months ago. Would that count?

Does the dealer make the determination, or is it something that could be disqualified later when Audi gets the lease documents?

Two ways of verifying. 1) Valid registration, 2) Active Insurance card.
Audi determines when we submit. In your case, it would work.

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Hi - what’s the drive off for the SQ7?

How about some unicorn A4s? :innocent:

UUUGGGHHHHH I don’t know how I missed this…

2020 S3 Lease
36/7500 mi. Drive off (roughly 2400) 9 MSDs No cap reduction
399+ tax/m
No Costco or loyalty required.
Offer valid until sold out.