Dallas TX | Ford F-150 STX | $300-$330 | 0 Down | 39 Mo./12k miles | Grapevine Ford

Ask For Craig, he will fix you up well. Finance thorugh USBank (he gave me permission to mention him beforehand)

I just drove away with 2 of these and of my 6 career leases (im 22) Craig is easily the best car salesman I’ve ever dealt with. Tell him Wes/Neil sent you.

2019 Ford F150 STX 2DR

Ford was a captive lender for a long time in TX, now a select few dealers are offering US BANK leases. Also, Tax is applied to selling price if you plug into leasehackr you have to add tax to get correct numbers…

MSRP: 41040
Selling Price: 28000
Monthly Payment: $312
Cash Due at Signing: $312
MSD: 0
Incentives: (All Shown on Site)

Months: 39
Annual Mileage: 12,000
MF: .00165
Residual: 54.5

Region: Grapevine, TX
Leasehackr Score: 11.1 YRS

Pictures and more info coming later, can also provide a copy of the lease if you need with my important info blocked out.

Link to LHCalculator leasehackr.com/calculator?make=FIAT&miles=12000&msd=0&msrp=41290&sales_price=30780&months=39&mf=.00165&dp=0&dealer_fee=0&acq_fee=0&taxed_inc=0&untaxed_inc=0&rebate=0&resP=54.5&reg_fee=0&sales_tax=9&demo_mileage=0&memo=Ask%20for%20Craig%2C%20Grapevine%20Ford%2C%20Have%20an%20Internet%20Deal%20on%20Hand%2C%20PMT%20will%20end%20up%20300-333%20depending%20on%20color%2C%20discounts%2C%20CTP%20or%20not&totalLeaseTax_radio=true

Car Has Satelite Radio, Sync 3, Backup Cam, Cloth Interior, I’ve already done a lot to make mine cool for about $1000 total so all in i’m 333 for this exact setup, LED lights, Level, Bed Liner, Grille. Feel Free to post Questions or if you want a video walkthrough I could make that happen too. Got one for me and one for Dad.

I’m also sure that if someone really tried you could beat my deal or even apply it to a 4x4 they’re really discounting if you need more towing ability. This is a perfect storm of incentives, Dealer using USBank allowing all the incentives rolled into total discount unlike ford who gives different incentives for leases, and the fact that even with taxes added to the total discount you can still make a deal work in texas.

that’s a healthy discount on an stx, that’s how much we got on our platinums. (Really good considering there’s not too much profit on the stx)Both trucks look sharp, enjoy your new ride.

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Would love a copy of your lease if you don’t mind. Trying to get this down in Austin but I’l drive up to Grapevine if I need to

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Would also like a copy of lease agreement. Black out personal info. Thanks

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Here is my lease agreement numbers page for those who asked. Best

That’s a great deal. I am going to check them out this weekend. Just wondering what kind of LEDs did you use? I like the STX but halogens are the worst.

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Here are the lights I ordered, and look up how to access lights on youtube… took about 10 mins a side,

  1. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07PPL115J/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o01_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1


Swapped all 3 to these and love the look, might have a picture of them on and installed
around $50 total which beats the heck out of new lights

Thanks for the info…thats a hot color abyss gray.

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don’t use those garbage kits, I’ll look up what the guys on the f150 forums use, these kits are notoriously cheap and the ballasts are known to fry/ light bulb going bad. Trust me I used those kits in high school and was not impressed. On top of that the light pattern isn’t going to be what the stock halogens give you.


A bit pricy but they have the correct light pattern + wont blind incoming traffic


I’d love those but I can buy 1350/50 - 27 Sets of cheap amazon lights with great reviews that aren’t overly bright… I’m on a post-grad budget haha

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agree on a lease, just wasn’t a fan of those amazon lights. Trust me I went through so many pairs, at least amazon was forgiving on quite a few. Hopefully they cleaned up their act and yours last.

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Is US Bank honoring the retail customer cash incentives? Is this dealership to dealership or across the board?

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Yes, should be nation wide, but a lot of ford dealer’s do not like this because they’ve been wringing people for 4-500 dollar payments… all incentives are fair game with US Bank, basically ford is selling the truck to US Bank who is leasing it to you, so that’s a better way of thinking about it…

(4-500 payments meaning lease payments through Ford Finance where they control all the variables and incentives)

Did your dealership just go with the flow on the cash incentives or did you have to coax them into it? Wondering because the dealership in Houston I went to today wasn’t even willing to entertain the idea that US Bank would pay the incentives and apply them as a rebate after the finance price, and I’m trying to figure out how to get them to push my deal through.

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