Cts V Employee Pricing

I have an offer for a 18 cts v at 943/month 104k msrp. 36/10 with 10% PA tax. Deal includes 1k mileage incentive, 3800 in Cadillac rebates and loyalty, GM employee and pull ahead. Dealer says “legally” they can’t go below employee. Is that true or bs?

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what do you mean legally? lol they can sell you the car at any price they want, its just they dont want to lose money on the deal. With the employee pricing they get paid back from the manufacturer I believe, some deals that leasehackrs have gotten include a sales price better than any employee pricing deal.

edit : they can also make money back from jacking up the mf so make sure it’s base rate.

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That’s what I thought. Manager is a d!ck, used to be at Kia… But yeah he said can’t go lower than employee. I think I’m like 2k away. I’ll decide tomorrow.

they usually are, not sure how long the car has been on the lot but usually these high performance cars sit for a while because their market audience is very limited, like hellcats, amg, v, s , M cars, however buyers of these cars usually tend to be enthuasists so emplpyee pricing may help you out a lot here.

West Mifflin retiree in the family?

40.5 years!!!

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Car has sat there since July. 9 miles on it after my “test drive”.

I did an inventory search and 19s are being offered at 10k off!

yeah my charger hellcat was on the lot for 7 months with 5 miles, like I said loud fast gas guzzling cars sit on the lot because people who want them cant afford them and people who can afford them dont really want them. niche market, I have seen some cts-v’s lease more than 1k a month with a good amount of cash due at signing, ur doing fine in my opinion.

His original offer was 14xx then couple days later 1180. I just don’t want to leave money on the table. I’m paying 730 now for my ats v 78k msrp.

If he moved that monthly down that quickly there’s probably money on the table like you said, probably another 100 or so a month depending on how desperate they are, doesnt hurt to shop around and make them nervous tho lol.

My incentives end tomorrow but I’m calling a dealer In Michigan on a 19 tomorrow.

They moved 1k. So I’m signing tonight!


congrats post pics when you can.

So what is the final terms of your deal? Any money down or MSDs?

1254 down including first payment doc fee and remainder of my lease. 36/10 910 per month. They added 1k dealer contribution so I was happy. I’ll post pics when it isn’t dark and raining here lol. GM Financial doesn’t do msd. MF was .00012


Only pic I have raining two days straight!!!

You should know by now that’s considered beautiful Pittsburgh weather.

Congrats…nice deal!

Go eat some Merc’s and Bimmer’s for lunch!


Thanks guys