(CT) 2018 Mercedes C300 4MATIC with Premium 1 package, $380 per month, 27 months / 920 miles per month

Trying to list it here again and see if someone is interested:

Looking to transfer lease of our 2018 Mercedes C300 4MATIC.
I am located in Stamford, CT. The car is in excellent condition.

Please see details below and let me know if you need any other details:

Year, Make, Model, and Trim: 2018 Mercedes-Benz C300 4MATIC (black on black)
MSRP: $45,925
Monthly Payment: $380 not including tax
Drive-Off Amount: $545 for Mercedes lease transfer fee
Months Left: 27
Current Mileage: 13200
Original Contract Total Miles: 30,000
Miles Allowed at Turn In 38,063 (It was a demo car with 8063 miles at inception)
miles per month for rest of the term: ~ 920 (~25563 miles for 28 months)
Term Length 36 Months
Contract Start Date: 11/07/2018
Contract End Date: 11/07/2021
Residual Value $25,164

First prepaid maintenance (Service A) done.

I have attached the sticker too. The car comes with standard Collision assist, attention assist, LED DRL, PRE-SAFE, Brake assist. It has below options:

Premium 1(P01 package) - Keyless-Go, Blind spot assist
heated front seats
rearview camera
power tilt/sliding Sunroof
Dark brown linden Wood trim interior

listed on SAL too:

Good luck with the Lease Transfer. How come you are getting rid of it. I live in Stamford too. Your car looks nice, but I drive 20K miles per year. I see SUNNY DAZE in one of your pictures.

Thank you!! We are looking to lease SUV instead.
Yep, that’s sunny daes right next to the beach. Nice meeting u fellow stamfordian!


Hi, I’m looking to take over a lease when mine ends soon, but this is a little higher monthly payment/lower mileage than I’m looking for. Are you offering any incentive? Thanks!

I am sorry but I am not offering any incentives.

Ok thanks!

Still available for lease transfer.

Still available. Willing to pay transfer fee.

car is still available, will pay transfer fee.

Pending lease transfer

Transfer failed. Buyer not approved. Still available.