Create private tier to LH

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I 2nd this notion. Would even support a pay wall tbh.


to what end? as someone who tried to create a private tier of info in a different field online its almost impossible to keep information from getting out to the public completely. sure it will slow the crawl but eventually it’ll bust out somehow. take the jeeps for example. if you start putting all the deals behind a paywall how long before someone from the wrangler forum signs up and then just posts the info over there?

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This feels like a phishing scam to get me to clear my unread count on that thread.


it can be done with keeping a requirement like how many years has the member been on the forum. There is a trusted hacker list somewhere on this forum, setting a number of years requirement to even pay for the private tier.

at least it won’t be creeping to tiktoks - and Karen-esque buyers

If/ when it gets out, it wouldnt likely be strongly affiliated with leasehackr, which would be a plus. And distribution would be smaller. I would be for it. :wink: