Create a sub section for broker/dealer bids

I know the marketplace has a thread with wanted, but why not have a section separate for wanted items. Previously the scale of the forum might have been different, but with as big as it is now, might make sense for people to post and dealers to make offer. The dealer or broker threads are too long and cumbersome


Agree on this one. I suggested before - lock dealers’ threads with their one post offer. They can still edit it as needed. This will prevent some brokers from bumping their threads up with something like an “-”, BTW :slight_smile:


Call it DBay !

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Some of us more proactive do cherry-pick leads off the wanted threads, actually.


Totally agree, but it’s really hard to track as a requestor too. I like Dbay!

What does your idea have that the wanted ads thread doesn’t? An entire forum and one single thread for each delusion of grandeur?

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Just in case you didn’t see this… :slight_smile:

Yeah, I saw it. But this only asks them to follow the rules and we know that rules get broken all the time. While locking is foolproof.


The comments on each individual thread would provide a lot of entertainment.