Crazy good Incentives on Lexus RZ450E currently

you cant use 0% because EV leases are sensitive to tax rates because of the large rebates

8.75% is a better “average” if its a CA deal

Correct. Even though you get 15k lease rebate, you still need to pay the sales tax on that rebate amount to Uncle Scam, I mean Uncle Sam

That has nothing to do with Uncle Sam, more like His little mini me, Newsom. (Assuming CA)
The US collects almost nothing from a car rebate directly, the states do.


I thought the main benefit of the $7,500 was that we all gained thought provoking and highly intelligible discourse in the Used Car Insanity thread?

Bro - give it a rest.

If you can’t keep up, then just shut up.


We are! There’s also another $500 we offer in NY Dealer to NY Customer Drive Clean Incentive

200 miles of range? Fake news :slight_smile:

Lexus thinks the value will be 46% after 3 years so there might be some sub $25K RZ450e in four years that will be eligible for the used EV tax credit.

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What we need is for Toyota to make a Hydrogen fuel cell + battery cell vehicle. It’ll be a PHEV-FCEV-BEV.

Think of all the incentives you’ll have on that!


Still no numbers?

Everyone seems to think paying cash is a panacea to high interest rates. When you can earn over 5% in a money market the actual savings is very little.


Or a 1-pay.

However, what is Toyota / Lexus financial’s policy on a 1-pay if lease ends early? Say car is totaled. Hyundai - they keep everything so that kills the 1-pay option. Gotta factor that in.


How do You know that? Noone on LH confirmed that yet. I asked this question here showing one pay lease contract.

interesting. if that number was 50% better I’d jump on 1 myself

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Just called a local dealer in San Diego and got an offer for $4K off MSRP but the MF is kind of high 0.00424 (10.176%). It is about $2400 different in residual between 7500 vs 15000 annual miles. My credit union is offering 5.85% for 5 yrs; if I plan purchase after a couple months, should I chose the 15000 annual miles to lower the residual? TIA. I am not good at math :slight_smile:

4k off and full money factor markup is bad

Im at 6k off and buy rate 0.00324, call/text me 310-405-3507


Sent you a PM.

Thank you! Please check your PM!

Or not: the payoff on this thing after all discounts, credits and his huge DP should be significantly less than insurance payout based on the market value. LFS should refund overpayment.

This is different from people losing perceived equity in totalled leased cars a year or two ago.

Avoid the car…got it for my dad. Barely gets 125-140 miles.

Terrible car for the price. Luckily my father only drives locally so it’s ok. But otherwise avoid especially in colder region.

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125 miles? He got a lemon tell him to get it fixed. I get 220 consistently