Couple suggestions

  1. Links should open in a new browser tab. Isn’t that kinda the default on the web? I habitually close browser tabs after clicking on a link, only to find that the LH tab has been closed (i.e. I should have gone back)

  2. Threads asking for RV & MF that go unanswered - it might be helpful to tell people who don’t know to check Edmunds forums…or is that considered bad etiquette here? I don’t see admins responding to RV/MF requests much any more.

@max_g, thank you for your suggestions. Links are open in a new browser tab by default on LH forum. Are you referring to links to other forum topics within a forum thread?

We will try our best to answer RV & MF questions. We have been considering creating a category specifically for RV & MF questions so that they are more targeted. Perhaps we will put that up for a vote on the forum!

Just an idea can we split this topic by year. So starting 2019 it is 2019 trophy garage?


I agree with the idea.

Thinking about moving your idea to the Landfill :smirk:


Bleh bleh bleh , bleh bleh bleh #hoteltransylvania

Seriously, for another 8 months you will be telling people to post to the appropriate Trophy Garage, then next year you will have 3 garages, and so on. You can see the year in the post.

Do you cut it off at December 31st or base it on model year, ha!

Or maybe there can be a trophy garage thread where actual discussion is encouraged like every other public forum.

Maybe add trophy wives to the garage thread, to spice things up? :grin:


See how useful my ideas are. They spawn different better ideas. Just thinking it could be more concise. I mean cut off at Dec 31st.

Bear feel free to move it. :grin: Soon someone will ask for the mistresses. No offense to women on site. :slight_smile:

I thought you wanted to split by model year.

I mean its fine but since a lot of people get end year deals would be best to cutoff at that. Kind of shows the seasonality of leasing each year.

I think it’s better to do by calendar year, if we do it.

Don’t forget to split it up by model year, to make things clear.

Anyway we can create a new topic regarding this in the OFF RAMP subforum and clean it out here?
Also, I think its better if we do with calendar year, so new TG for 2019. People will get deals on 2018 models till March or April of 2019. Hell Infiniti still has lease support on the discontinued 2017 QX70.

Yes, this is why I think going by MY doesn’t make sense.

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Agree by calendar year.

Maybe create a subcategory under the marketplace? A running list of all wanted posts in same thread seems a little pointless - not many going to scroll through an ever-increasing number of posts to give feedback on a particular make/model.

Also, and while these posts can get annoying, sometimes they prompt meaningful discussion about rebates, pricing, etc.

Some dealerships know me By my leasehackr name and will refuse me deals at time saying

“oh ur that leasehackr dude, I’m sorry I wouldn’t want our deal info posted out even if it worked”.

If there is a way to get an anonymous post out to help the leasehackr community, (maybe have some admins proof read it before posting and ask for proof) I would love to share content that can really help our community because the community here has taught me how to hack . .