Costco rebate hack

So i just found this site and have been absorbing a ton of knowledge here. i have a lease ending and so the search begins. Im down to the volvo xc90, the caddy xt6, and the lincoln aviator. basically i need a small truck that has a 3rd row was my criteria. im going to test drive them all this weekend and use a broker here to close the deal. in any event, costco is running a promo worth $1250. that costco rebate took almost 50$ off per month off the lease amount but according to the fine print you would have to had been a member BEFORE sept 30th. which i was not. In any event i obsess over things like this and started hunting for a loophole. i found a few.

1- if you had , or a family member had a membership that expired you possibly can renew it.
2- if you know someone willing to cosign that has the membership, you will get the discount
3- This is what i did. they have one exception to the sept 30th rule, if you get a membership at a grand opening costco, that would be honored for the rebate. unfortunately i looked at the list of grand openings that were available and none were near me. so i tracked down the number to the closest one and called them. they said i had to come in. it took some persistence but i got to a manager who was willing to process the card for me if i sent id and visa to him by email. i did so and he gave me a member number tied to that store. now i can go to my local costco and have them print me a card.

hope this can help someone else.


Did you confirm with someone at the dealership / Costco that this is the case?

I’ve never heard of any sort of loophole with a Grand Opening Costco and if I’m not mistaken it still has to go through an internal review process via Costco in order for them to send you a PIN number which you give to the dealership

I hope it works out for you because that would be a nice loophole for Hackers to use.

I’ll let you know should button this up soon. But this was done thru Costco member services supervisor, who I had confirm it with the auto division. I think it looks good. It has nothing to do w the dealership , if I can get the code generated from Costco the dealer will accept it

This was discussed in at least one of the bolt mania threads. You basically bypass the needed date if there is a brand new Costco that you physically sign up at.

I can’t wait for plates to be “delayed” due to a $1250 dealer chargeback :rofl:


So this is confirmed to work?? I was getting nervous for a minute

Yes. It was in fine print for the previous Costco deal last month. You could ask @ethanrs for more info.

This has been discussed 100x here…

There was a groupon / living social deal back in August that has Costco memeberships with a $40 cash back card rendering the membership nearly free.

Glad I took advantage of it.

I don’t shop at Costco much but def worth having it before leasing a car


Yes, but I saw a few posts on another forum where people tried to do this, but they were told the grand opening had to be the closest Costco to your home address. In other words, if you weren’t a member before the deadline even though there was a Costco 2 miles down the road, going and signing up at a Grand Opening after the fact at a costco 50 miles away wouldn’t work for you.

Personally I don’t know how they really would track this, but I’m just repeating what others have run into trying this work around.

Is there any way you know of a renewal will work? I haven’t been an active member in a few years.

I have another family member who lives in a different house who will cosign if need be.

Thanks for any info!

renewal is working. my friend just did it yesterday avoiding coosigner


Thanks, Zenek! Do you know if you can just renew online or if you need to go in? And you only need the gold membership level, right?

I spoke to a manager that said she could but my sister’s account was 17 years expired and that was too old. I don’t know what the cut off is

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Yes any membership level works . And yes she was able to do it on the phone it seemed

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Yes I did that and got plates fine.

What qualifies as grand opening? I have a costco near me that oped 5 weeks ago. Is there a time limit?

Just spit balling bc im not sure but I would imagine it would have to have opened after sept 30th

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# Costco Plans For Five New Store Locations This Fall

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Agreed. Did you get the promo code from Costco already? Keep us posted on when you sign your Bolt deal!

For what it’s worth, I just renewed my Costco membership today after an 11 year lapse. They were able to update the card showing a member date of July 2003, and the she said I should be fine using it to get the discount on a new Volvo. The Volvo dealer said no go on using it for leasing a loaner, which is spelled out on their website. Not sure where I will end up, but at least it’s in my back pocket if needed.