Costco members work around

Would love to take it vantage of the Costco Audi lease deals. I do not currently have a Costco membership and would sign up for one today in order to get this great deal however it seems that you must have a membership prior to the announcement of the deal. Does anybody have a workaround for this? I’m located in Southern California. Thanks in advance

Marry someone who is a member (or at least add them to the lease).


Either that, or renew a past membership that has lapsed. The certificates that are generated have specific names and membership start dates

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Debatable LPT. I’ve heard divorce is more expensive than the Costco incentive.



Would that make it a sLPT?

Thought I read somewhere if you join at a new store they grandfather you into being eligible.

Easy. Sign up for Costco today and you will be ready for the next Costco Audi deal that comes around every 6 months. Last one was August 2020.


Could a long time member add their adult child to their membership?

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The other workaround would be to get a membership at a store that opened after the announcement of the Audi promotion. Unfortunately there’s only a few that would fit that bill and they are all in Canada, Georgia and Japan I believe.

FWIW - A client of mine had a Costco membership she didn’t renew in 2020. She called them up a couple days ago, told them she wanted to re-new it and they were able to get a certificate with a PIN.

Somewhat or a work-around for people who were previously members.


I can confirm that this works. I used it for the Volvo incentive back in December. I had a membership that expired in 2011. Was able to renew it and generate a certificate immediately.

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I wonder if you can do that remote? Do you think you need to physically go to the new store location?

You’d have to ask them… I’m not sure but I have my doubts about that working.

Can someone give an example of a Costco Audi lease deal from the past? Are these exceptional?

Search “share” or “ask” sections for older deals

This is a great question – 1) Does anyone know if it works if you’re added to someone else’s existing Costco account/membership (i.e., they were members well before March 1st, but you were added after)?

  1. If not, I’ve heard sometimes you just need the same last name?
  2. If both of the above doesn’t work, I’m assuming you could “split” a lease with someone who does, and then later remove them from the lease?

Thanks so much in advance – hopefully this helps others as well.

It doesn’t really work that way. One would have to have a cosigner and then transfer it to one person, but audi doesn’t fully take you off the lease when you transfer. (I’m assuming you’re asking about this for an audi)


You’re correct (about the Audi). Very much appreciate the info.

Well hopefully adding someone to an existing membership works. Or else we’ll need to get creative.

Thanks again

If a member of your household has a Costco membership, you can still qualify as well!

I have been told, whoever is primary Costco holder needs to be on the lease also. It isn’t like other incentives as long it is in the “household”.