Anyone else just got an email from Costco Auto Program regarding BMW program?

Sorry I don’t know how to attach an email to the thread from my phone…

so I’m cutting and pasting the content.

it’s only $500 incentive for lease.

New 2017, 2018 & released 2019 BMW models*

$2,000 purchase incentive - $500 finance incentive - $500 lease incentive
• Combinable with available rebates and incentives which you qualify to receive
• Excludes 2018 M3 CS Sedan

New 2017 & 2018 BMW i3*

$10,000 purchase incentive - $10,000 finance incentive - $500 lease incentive
• Lease incentive is combinable with available rebates and incentives which you qualify to receive

I just got that email also, hoping to hear from resident experts opinions on if its worth exploring.

It’s the fleet program. Only good on new cars. Not applicable to demos or loaners.

From two days ago… BMW California Dealers will now Accept Costco Members as "Corporate Fleet" deals

The i3 has 10k in dealer cash for everyone. Can you combine w Costco to get 20k off on a purchase? 22k w loyalty?

No, it’s 10k. 20202020220202002

So Costco adds ZERO value

It offers people an additional $500 on a new lease if they were not previously eligible for fleet.

For those of us hunting demos or crazy i3 deals? No benefit.

Value is in the eye of the customer.

And 28FF is 100% correct.

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Yeehaw. Time to get $99 leases on BMW i3 and $399 on x5. Just like we did on volvos last year. To me, once a brand goes the Costco route, it means they are desperate to move metal. Just like Volvo and GM before. So let the deals rain.

How would you approach a dealer about getting an X5 for $399/mo shoot I’d even take both if an i3 is $99/mo. I believe I’m a decent negotiator but that seems almost out of reach. Looking forward to your reply.

There was some sarcasm coupled with crystal ball expectations there.

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Or Sam’s Club, offers Volvo a-plan apparently.

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  1. call and ask
  2. wait while the CA laughs
  3. continue to wait while the CA calls sales mgr over; he will join in on laughter
  4. listen for the click on the other end of the phone
  5. call next dealer; repeat steps 1-4

I can vouche for this, I got a A-Plan discount pin generated with my Sam’s account… It worked.

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Is it combinable with the SCE program?

The road is long my friend. That is like asking how do I become a JEDI. Train for long you must is the answer.
So are we saying an X5 has never leased for 399?

edit … best I can find thus far …not too far off lol…
Just leased a 65k msrp x5 40e
9k dealer discount including fleet discount
5k bmw rebate ( the fleet discount of 1500 cuts down the total rebate offered from bmw from 6k to 5k)
Total 14k off the 65k car
5k drive off
Payments are 460 tax included. No msd
Is that a good deal?

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Another time being right. I’m keeping a diary to show my wife.

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So should we wait a bit to lease the i3?

Yes wait a bit like never. Why would you want to lease an i3. The only reason I can see is if you can one for a one pay lease of 2k. Other than that, there are nicer EVs/PHEV to lease at nicer prices e.g. BOLT, VOLT, PRIUS PRIME, IONIQ

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