Corvette C8: Lease or Finance?

Hi Everyone!

I am new here and was recommended this forum. I really want the Corvette C8 (dream car) and I currently don’t have the funds to buy it outright. I was thinking of either leasing or financing it and wanted advice (or maybe to do neither).

I saw this youtube video explaining the lease of Corvette C8 and I feel a bit deterred, but thought I should ask here anyhow. My local dealer told me the lease would be around ~$900 monthly with $5k down (everything else rolled in). Someone also suggested to wait a year or so (my current lease is up next year July anyhow) but my concern is I heard a ~$5k increase in base price coming up.

Any advice (either for or against the 2 options) is appreciated!

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You need to find the RV/MF from Edmunds first, when available. There won’t be any incentive cash outside of the possibility of loyalty on this in the beginning. Likewise, don’t expect much (if any) dealer discount out of the gate. Assuming no discount with the RV/MF figures, you need to determine the lease cost over 3 years vs just an outright buy. I can almost guarantee you won’t want to lease this, however. There won’t be any subvented rates and/or propped up RV to make a lease enticing. There’s already pent up demand.


It is my understanding that most allocations of the c8 are already spoken for in the form of orders at MSRP and above. Some people may cancel and provide a slot, but at this time I do not think you will find either a hackr worthy lease deal or a good finance deal. Plus, new 'Vette models have a reputation for first year problems. Unless you don’t care how much you spend, best to wait 1 to 2 years for the dust to settle in the market. If you want to get into a Corvette now, my advice is to negotiate a smoking deal on a C7 2 year lease and then upgrade to the c8 later. There are huge discounts on the outgoing model, and it is a great car.


Thank you very much for the advice!

Thank you very much for the advice!

There was a Z06 with a lot of features (apparently worth $125k ~2 years ago and now it’s just sitting there and was offered $75k) which I might consider. Though for me I personally like the new tech in cars as well so I may have to take that into consideration.

No need for a radio when driving a Z06


All the allocations are pretty much accounted for as far as I know of like someone else mentioned.

Not sure how they even gave you a lease price when the car isn’t even out yet and the specifics needed tor run it probably haven’t even be posted.

It’s a little off-path, but if you can live with a C7, nice examples with low mileage can easily be had in the high 30’s, especially this time of year. So many near-deads buy these Vettes and their idea of enjoying them is seeing how many layers of polish they can get on them so they can see their reflection sitting in a folding lawn chair beside the car while a bunch of similar blue hairs walk by and say "I had a '63 Split Window with a 4-speed . . . "

My tortured point being that I don’t think a better performance car that’s pretty much stone reliable (for what it is) can be had so economically as a lightly used C7. I’d look for 2016 or newer 2LT to get the curb cameras. Even the non-Z51 is plenty potent for street use. Check out the various forum listings for examples of these specimens.


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MacMulkin in NH is offering discounts around 20% for most of their C7’s. They gave me a solid lease quote several months ago. I imagine you can do even better now…


Hahaha true

He was a very nice and honest person. He was just giving me advice in my position and was trying his best to save me money (really amazing guy!)

Thank you very much for so much information! I am actually quite surprised on how helpful people are here (I’m new here and from New York hahaha).

The C8 is my dream car mostly because of the exterior looks (performance is just a great bonus). I was originally considering the Porsche Taycan (sad that they are only offering non ~$85k versions) and the new Jaguar F Type (facelift was a letdown for me).

I will take your advice into consideration, thank you again!

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Thank you! If you don’t mind me asking, what did they offer you?

You’re looking at cars that will be prohibitively expensive to lease if you can’t finance a 60k dollar sports car.

Have you considered other options?

The point I’m making is that it really doesn’t matter what he said and what price he gave you because the car isn’t even out yet and no specific financials have been posted other than the MSRP.

Salesman are very good at making you believe they are honest and nice guys until you find out your paying $700 a month for a Honda lol

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Fixed :rofl:


Not a problem. They gave me a quote on the base model with a manual transmission. It was around $575.00 a month, with no $$ down. All fees were rolled into the payment.

They have a warehouse full of Corvettes. They are one of the top volume Corvette dealers in the country.


Haha that’s true. Thank you for your honesty


I was reading a thread the other day that said he was dealing with a “good friend” at Honda and is paying $700+ a month on a CR-V EX :nauseated_face:

Hahaha i know. I wouldn’t mind financing the Corvette C8 but I heard the monthly payment on that is just as bad as the lease? (Maybe I heard wrong)

I currently have a 2017 c300 Mercedes (almost all options) for ~$625 a month. I don’t mind going up to ~$850 a month.