Coronavirus effects

@Ursus Seriously??? I thought that is so 1980ties Soviet Union and life in US was so much better or so were the rumors😂

Which country do you think I was talking about? :smirk:

It should be, but it isn’t. What WA is doing is way too little and too late. A complete failure of the public health system.

@CaptQ - have not seen that one yet.
I guess Purim holiday has helped a lot to spread it further.
Will be arriving shortly to our town.
Gotta get my set of toilet paper and paper towels😂

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It spread in Westchester before Purim. It was a bat mitzvah, a funeral, and regular Shabbos services. :slight_smile:

I don’t know where people went or what they did, but since I’m right next to New Rochelle, I’ll just stay here in this hot, miserable place right now. I hate Florida, but it is what it is.

I’ve been trying my damn best coughing everywhere on campus and yet UCLA is still open for business. FFS. I can’t wait to self isolate and not have to deal with LA traffic! (and save some miles as i’m about 3k over where I should be!)

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AA’s upgrade machine appears to be broken.

< 100 hours from departure:

Looks like everyone gets free elbow room, though.

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If this guy knew he was infected and was negligent, he should be charged for murder if any of the others that got the virus from him dies, or at least his estate should be sued for wrongful death.

My Delta flight on Sunday from Atlanta to Turks&Caicos went from completely full to nearly a third empty in the last few days leading up to it.

@Bjam would a month of isolation save you on miles?

It certainly would help! Plus the $300 a month in gas saved would be quite nice too.

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Airlines only allow changes on new reservations from start to end of March. How do people cancel or change advance reservations?

Those $600 9 night cruises in a balcony room are looking mighty nice! I just booked a $200 round trip flight to Colombia for late April also! Risk reward.


Beats me, but my wife and I went from being stuck in a window and middle seat to having a whole row to ourselves.

they make exceptions if you ask nicely :slight_smile:

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It may not get this crazy in the US but in Italy the gov’t has just suspended debt and mortgage payments in addtion to the nationwide lockdown.


Do they allow change or issue refunds if you want to cancel? On their basic non-refundable fares, for example

What if you rent? Does the landlord not have to pay their mortgage while collecting rent. This is a fine line to walk.

I also don’t agree with airlines and cruise companies getting a relief package. While they made record profits during the boom they should have a rainy day fund instead of giving huge bonuses to executives. We will never learn…


I’m still thinking of taking a trip to DC mid April with family.
Prices for Non stop flights Out of weschester 10k miles round trip😀

Unfortunately cancellation policies wavers don’t extend to flights booked on points. So still haven’t booked.