Coronavirus effects

If you had a 7-series, you’d know


There is no universe where I can empathize with that. Large luxury sedans aren’t my style at all.

I just bought a little Alaska airlines stock. I read good thing about them. I’m gingerly going to add to my position.

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I am buying no stock outside my retirement right now and I’m ducking my broker.

I’m tough to impress and Alaska does good. 99% of people seem to buy the airplane tickets solely based on price, which is the absolute wrong metric (why not choose restaurants on Yelp based on lowest stars since they shouldn’t be busy? Or most health department violations?) I look at the airline score card every year, and throughout mix in flights with several other airlines (Secondaries, possibles, and even unlikely). I was a united 1K when I took my first Alaska flight, had Alaska status match, and have moved most of my travel over.

That same “tough to impress” is why I bought Zoom at IPO which is one of the rare few counter cyclicals right now (up 201% in 11 months).

I pulled all my stock after the first 3% down day but there’s some companies that I couldn’t resist buying after hours yesterday. I only went back in 5% of my whole portfolio. So nothing extreme. I have tight stop losses. But I do deep down think things are gonna get much worse and it’s good for most people to be in cash right now. Especially those retiring soon.

I think corona and oil is just an excuse for a much needed market correction. I think a healthy correction is Dow around 18-20k which is going to be very painful for some people.


A week ago Monday I got greedy and pushed back in on some after-tax positions I exited in December. Then the market threw up for 5 more business days. All names I’m long in retirement so I’ll hold them but :man_facepalming:t2::man_facepalming:t2::man_facepalming:t2:

I have a shopping list waiting for a recession. I’m patient.

Why I pushed in. Did all the analysis and on the same fundamentals the prices looked better. There will be supply chain disruptions and lumpiness all year for sure, but it’s not The Walking Dead.

The worst (thank goodness my client has a travel ban): I always carry sanitizer and lysol wipes in my bag and wipe down the plane. Always Flu season rules with me. I just happen to run out last trip, AND happen to run out of rubbing alcohol, and I’m just screwed. I have never gone to so many stores so many times for a normal restock of something so simple. I need 2 travel sized sanitizer and a three pack of lysol wipes in travel size, it might as well be Scandium or Yttrium

Alaska made a great video about how they are decontaminating their planes now.


I know allot people that travel for business and they are basically stuck with whatever airline hubs in their city. They don’t like southwest either, not enough perks and no lounges, :cocktail: :computer: where they can work. Don’t fly to small cities either

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That person deserves the NK treatment. What a disgraceful human being.

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I take a xanex and fly spirit most places. :rofl:
I do splurge $40 for the big front seat though. I prefer to put my money towards nicer hotels or Airbnb’s. I’ve never had a bad experience with them or frontier in over 50 flights. I think I’ve been lucky from other horror stories I’ve read.


Years ago before kids there was a thing “miles run” when you find a very cheaper flight and just fly in order to rack up butt-in-seat miles.

I’ve done that a couple of time. It was pretty funny thing to do.

That would be something to do now😂


Would it surprise you I’ve moved more than once to change hubs? In the last instance 2,000 miles (much better weather as a side effect).

Southwest was my #1 for over 5 years. I was A-List Preferred with CP when they bought AirTran (who I had flown a few times). They sent us all a confidential survey asking about some AirTran amenities and how to integrate. All I wanted was a few rows of extra legroom up front with power outlets, like AT had. Charge whatever. Never materialized.

I had a gig where I spent 6 months flying from San Diego to Nashville every week, all on Southwest. Business select was $1,191, I was A1 every week, and I can’t tell you how many times I didn’t get my first choice seat (12F exit row in a 737-700 for those playing along at home). It wasn’t the preboards, it was the throughs that killed it.

I maxed out at like 388k SW miles before I split my travel on United (then moved most of it) and a couple others. When you fly for a living (and are selfish, and single) it’s almost too easy to rearrange your life.

All my “if I move” scenarios now are stack ranked airports and airlines of choice. Once upon a time it was Google Fiber cities, but that’s a solved problem (and mostly abandoned project).

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It is fun. I day tripped to SF to get 1k last year.

There. Isn’t. Enough. Xanax. On. Earth.

An airline where the (former) CEO brags about emptying the trash is not someone I trust to do maintenance correctly.


Plane crashes are the last thing to worry about when there’s soccer moms in 6000 lb suvs barreling down the highway


Someone tested positive last week for COVID-19 in my building in midtown NYC. Company announced it today and it made us all furious.

Will prob be WFH soon.

Booked flights for early next month to Colombia and Peru round trip for just over $500 so I’m happy flights are cheap :laughing:

I got $200 to cartagena late April! Spirit of course. Pretty sure it was only taxes I was paying on that flight.

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There are some covid-19 cruise deals now, wow. Off topic, but hacking a cruise for the next 90 days shouldn’t be too difficult. Taking your chances, I guess, if we go

Do it! You’ll have the best service or your life. Just bring lots of vitamin c

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Vitamin C and survival suit

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Most of Bay area and a lot of Seattle is WFH this week

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There is a thread of how little rush hour traffic on twitter and it’s magical

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