Considering a Tesla Model Y (Finance not lease)

With lease prices so crazy now I’m wondering about taking a Tesla Model Y on finance. On 72 months that looks like $700 a month with $4.5k down.

If theoretically I sell it on in 2 years I will still owe $31600 and I will have paid $17200 worth of payments plus I will have put $4500 down at the beginning. So effectively I will be down $53,300 minus the $3500 CVRP grant, $1k from socal edison grant and $1500 California clean fuel. That leaves $47300 in the red.

However given Tesla’s insane real world residual values I’m wondering what it’s still likely to be worth then. Current used Model Ys are going for pretty much new prices a year on. Even if I could sell the car for $40k in 2 years that’s quite a cheap car. What do you think?

Current used prices for everything are ridiculous.

And cvrp isn’t currently funded.


All depends if the resale value in 2-3 years is as good as a 2-3yo Tesla today. Both the used car market and Tesla’s production rate is going to affect this. The thing that would worry me is Teslas had good resale value while they were quickly ramping and there weren’t many used Teslas on the market. When you sell there will be many years of 500k-1M/yr production so they won’t be nearly as rare on the used market.


Sorry meant CVAP

I pretty much did the same calculations as well and ordered one last week. I am not sure about the $3500 grant though. Wait time is ridiculous though. It’s about 10 weeks now.

Our '21 Model Y Performance came in last week. Ordered the end of March. Such an incredible machine.

I’ve been hunting down everything with wheels at stoplights. Two confirmed kills: '14 BMW R1200R & '00 Yamaha R1. Both got a pretty good spanking.

Also not currently funded unless something changed very recently. CCFR is the only one with current, active funding afaik.

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CVRP needs 30 month of ownership not sure if CVAP is the same

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What happens on the third pull?

If it’s a modern liter superbike with an experienced rider, sorry but standard model y has no chance lol


You can’t accurately predict values in two years but given the circumstances, Tesla is a better choice in my opinion.

There will also be all of the model 3 and ys coming off lease that Tesla doesn’t allow buy outs on hitting the market.

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Tesla reportedly will use those lease returns in their so-called RoboTaxi network.

Yeah right (!). That is not going to happen anytime soon, especially not before the first batch of Tesla leases come due. I would not be surprised lessees are offered buyout.

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Yeah. probably…

That was the plan, yes, but that seems to be slipping further and further to the right. The cars will be here before then.


Since they aren’t close to fully autonomous, they could offer buyouts but why would they in this used car market. Lucky on their part since they probably are going to make a decent profit selling used Teslas for a while.

Take into account that CVAP has a clause that you need to keep the car for 30 months or prorated if sold before the 30th month, also $1K Edison is no longer available since January 2021 because of the new $1500 CCFR

***You are also NOT including your sales Tax rate into the whole calculation… you’d probably be about $4,000 deep in sales tax

Your new model Y will come without radar and without lumbar on the passenger side.

Essentially will be a beta tester for ‘Tesla Vision’ (Autopilot with a side of chip-shortage)

If they had any faith in this, they would be adding it to S and model X, but the lower models have to beta test the camera-only auto-pilot.

Reports on Reddit that a new MY owner had issues in Princeton over MDW with a radar-less MY not engaging AutoPilot.

Girlfriend’s nissan leaf did just fine. I personally cancelled my MY and got a Ford Mach-E. It was 2 months and I wasn’t happy with Elon removing features as the days passed.

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I’ve seen quite a few anecdotes from people with new model Ys speaking very poorly of the performance of the camera only system