Considering a Tesla Model 3 finance option

Hey Guys,

I have been thinking about getting a tesla for sometime and I have done some research to find that it’s not worth leasing considering the current depreciation rate of the model 3 is at about 15%

I wanted to get your thoughts on this and see if any of you have financed a model 3 as well as get any other input or advice before I pull the trigger.

I will also be trading in my current car which is worth around 8K

Thanks in advance

There will be many more Model 3s in the used market fleet three years from now than currently. It may not maintain its low depreciation rate. Still at a time when it’s hard to get a car under MSRP and most leases suck, it’s a better time than usual to buy a car which there’s no negotiating on.


Exactly what I was thinking yes! I just wonder how much more that 15% will increase though… but I don’t have a crystal ball. It’s a tough decision.

I think when there are more electric cars to compete with Tesla may drive down values in long term… but that’s my guess

I picked mine up on Monday. I just paid for it, no finance. I waited a month and a half to get it.
If you are ordering soon you will probably get yours close September.

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why not finance?

:rocket: :rocket: have been doing me good.
Wanted to “reward” myself.


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what does that mean?

Ask the Hackrs (where this was posted) is for questions about leasing:

I just moved the thread to the Off Ramp

Where you can continue to discuss. Happens all the time, just letting everyone know who made what change.

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Picked mine up June 2nd :scream_cat:


No RAV4 EV? I know someone still driving a Gen1, and I see several Gen2s locally.


Woooo ! I have the wheel cap kit as well, i ordered the Rimetrix Orbitals but they are gonna take like a month to get here. Other changes i did were puddle lights with the T logo, changed the accelerator and brake pedal cover to the performance looking ones (I have the Long Range). I think i might buy a spare tire kit just to have.

the only avail options for wheels is the sport 19" or the standard, are those custom? or another brand?

They’re the standard 18" wheels with the aero cover taken off them. If you opt for the Performance version, you will get 20" wheels, those only come on the performance version though

ohh so you can take the aero cover off? never knew that! yea I def hate the standard ones. is it possible to get the sport wheels in black?

You cannot get the sports wheels in black, although i have seen people powder coating them black.
I am going to get these covers instead of the aero covers. They are called Rimetrix Orbital

Changed the emblem


I’m always impressed by tesla’s marketing ability to change the definition of terms. Redefining hubcaps to make them appear as a desirable feature rather than a cost savings tool is impressive.


These look very good, are they $59 per wheel?