Confused... I have 2009 Camry 80 K whith repair of 1k .. sell it off & go for new lease -MA

Hi Experts,

I am pretty confused. i have 2009 Camry with 80 K it has repair of suspension which will cost 1 k. Dont know what to do weather to go for new lease by trading this. or continue with this vehicle as i have already spent 1.5 K year before for lot of minor repair.

Also i will be having 2 yrs time in US. i got quote from one dealer for 299 for 2 yrs RAV4 XLE.


Fix it yourself for 250 bucks. Rear suspension is 4-5 bolts.

thanks JustinK its front…

Front is easier than the back.

Concerning your lease…

You’ll have to give more details like down payment, fees, taxes included, etc.

If spending $1k lets you drive it without any other major repairs for the next 2 years, then get it fixed. Im sure yiu can still sell it for $3k to $4k 2 years from now even if it has 100k miles. Its a Toyota.

if you own the car, suspension isn’t a big deal. If it was a major mechanical problem then maybe worth considering but if you own it and just a suspension issue, get it fixed.

Vishal…is this purely a financial decision or an emotional one? If it’s a financial one, is the Camry paid off or do you still owe the bank? If you already know that you have a maximum of 24 months left in the country, would recommend you look for alternative quotes to get the car running in good shape. Provided the car is paid off right now and even if you spend $2400 in the next 24 months to keep it in good shape, it will be better to hold on instead of leasing, coz you will not be able to lease a sedan/ suv with zero down for $100/ month for the next 24 months. Toyotas are generally quite reliable and as long as something is not already terribly wrong with the car, it should not be an issue. When you gotta leave, you can sell your car and encash the equity.

However, if it’s an emotional decision, then you are only limited by your budget and your desires :slightly_smiling_face:

not to mention the savings on insurance cost which require a higher coverage than a car that’s owned.

You should fix the Camry… especially considering that you only need it for 24 months.

Thanks JustinK… yes i will put it in the forum shortly…

Thanks Mani … yes. i will check with Mechanic again…

Thanks … i am also thinking of this but not made my mind yet

Thanks Sai for good advise…

Yes camry is paid off… well its financial decision. You have explained it very well .

Thanks Once again.

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Thanks Baggy … yes i am also leaning towords this decision…

What exactly is wrong with the suspension? Camry doesn’t usually have suspension problems, unless you’ve been abusing it, hitting pot holes all the time etc. Also, they don’t usually require as much money in repairs on a yearly basis. Did you buy this car new? Maybe the shop you are using is over charging you? 80k miles for a Camry is nothing.

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As far as I know, Honda and Toyota are not up to 90’s quality anymore.

Depends on maintenance like everything else. I had 330k on my 91 accord before it just got too rusty.

175k on my 04. Zero issues. My friend has an 05 accord with almost 300k. Zero issues. They’re still fine cars. Sounds like OP is getting taken.

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Hi Socal59,

Technician told me that they are leaking. I have taken vehicle first to Pepboys they have given me 2K estimate.

Then i have taken it to local garage he told me that 1 K. Also i came to know that my vehicle has met with Accident but its nowhere mentioned on the CARFAX report.

You can drive the car On blown shocks. Just may not be as smooth as new.

Get into a new Camry LE lease for $213 a month after taxes and trade in the older Camry. You get a new car with free services the first year and a warranty to cover everything else. Another words, worry free driving for the next 24 or 36 months. I got my friend into a new Buick Encore and while trying to sell (took eight days) his 2013 Mazda Six Touring, he got a flat tire, somebody scratched his bumper, the front console light burned out and the car electrician left a bunch of oil marks on his leather seats. He got most fixed and cleaned but that was a sign for more money to come.