Confused car fax/Auto history report -Appreciate your response and help



finally got the update from multipoint inspection from nearby honda dealership, it seems the car has gone under wreckage and AC condensor is smashed . but not leaking. All the tires are uneven. so the sounds are coming from uneven tires. Called the dealership and checked on the mileage , salesman says now it is used as demo car (employee used this car for to and fro to office). The salesman also says he wont accept third party report on the wreckage and says according to auto check/carfax it has no accidents.He said he can’t help me on any thing. Now is there any option to take a legal action, i just bought this car 3 days back on Jan 7th?


in Illinois? nope, but you have a 15 day powertrain warranty.


Usually they make you sign some papers stating there is no cooling off period. In California I had to do that before. At the crappy used car dealership I bought my last used car from they offered some silly fee in order to keep the car for a few days to try it out from home, essentially buying the car but giving me 3 days and a few miles to decide to return it. I opted out of that fee and got stuck with a bad car.

I grabbed a '06 Hyundai that was traded in when the 10 year warranty expired, and regardless if it’s a 10 year old car or a 4 year old car all those repairs that aren’t covered under warranty come out of pocket. I have essentially shunned purchasing vehicles for the near term due to this fact of being burned.


i’m surprised to see community honda at illinois where it is a honda delaership itself is selling these kind of cars, very shady people. Lessons learned in a hard way :cold_sweat:


I don’t know what you’re surprised about. It’s an as-is, where-is used car.

You’re complaining about uneven tires and an A/C condensor that’s “smashed but not leaking”…you probably shouldn’t be buying used if this is so bothersome to you.


This is always the risk with buying used. Can’t help you with your purchase.

Now, if you want to get rid of your car and grab a lease, we can help with that!


Yes… please let me know how to get rid of the car and take a lease.


sell it, then lease something.


I second HaimBond.


Probably better off to try to trade it to recoup the purchase sales tax. If it was really $3k less than any comparable car, he might get a bite for what he paid for it by a dealer that wasn’t beating on it :rofl:


I’m sure they will run CarFax prior to the purchase and give him $5k less. :sob:

I wouldn’t go by OP’s word that comparable vehicles sell for $3k less without knowing exactly what he has and what he paid. If he paid less than $10K and buys new tires, this could be a decent vehicle to keep long term.


Yes but OP sounds like a car hypochondriac. Leasing is the best way to go if you are going to call a car a ‘lemon’ over tire noise.


Who knows, but his issue is pretty legit. Chopped tires are not easy to pick up, especially if he only took streets during a test drive. Hopefully, only two tires are chopped, so if he does a proper alignment and two tires, should be good as new for around $300-400.

When I leased a Civic years back, they recalled control arms. But the tires were pretty messed up at 16k miles. I had to call Honda Corporate and they replaced the tires for free.


i bought the 2015 accord sport with 43k miles for 15k out of the door , comparable cars are selling atleast 2k to 3k more (one owner record ). But the one i bought seems a demo car used by manager with 6k miles added to it in addition to personal lease. Now all the tires needs to be changed that cost me $1k with OEM tires and installation and mechanic inspection shows it has front wreckage with ac condensor is smashed out. So if i trade in , i may end up with 11k to 12k losing 3k from my side.


Look for tires online with available rebates. Mount and balance should be $20 per tire.


idk where you’re buying tires, but 1k for Honda tires is ridiculous. Try Costco or Sam’s club for a good tire. Also, you should try and trade it in ASAP before a mechanic actually reports his findings to carfax etc. and you get shafted even more (That’s if you’re looking to trade it in)


The dealer’s own buyback and inspection program isn’t ever going to be that thorough. On top of that most likely the dealership which sold it to you picked it up at an auction. If this wasn’t a CPO than no warranties are implied either, bummy situation to be in I know, been there, but not much can be done at this point except drive it, fix it, or sell it.

Some used car tricks I learned along the way, visit tirerack’s website, they usually have tires at a lot less than what the local shops sell them for. Than find a local tire shop to put them on, balance and all is usually another $15-20 per tire. I’d guesstimate you could get away with spending around 50% of that if you’re willing to get something that’s not OEM tires. You own the car you can put whatever set of tires on it as you please at this point.

The fact it was a demo car shouldn’t be an issue, besides the fact someone might have drove it like they stole it, highly unlikely though since it’s still an asset in the dealership’s inventory which they need to sell one day. And even though they added 6k more to the odometer, you were willing to pay it’s price for the mileage on the odometer.


I got the complete service records from the dealer. One of the service they have changed the front bumper garnish , which i guess is the actual damage which is not reported to carfax/autocheck but fixed on their own which also made the ac condenser to be smashed. The OEM tires cost $1096, good year ties comes to $501, but i want to make sure atleast the noise goes away after changing tires, else the tech has to figure out what else needs to be changed.Also, does the dealer pull up a detailed vehicle history report ? whereas it should detailed information of the service done compared to carfax and autocheck report ? Bcoz the service records that they sent at top shows vehicle history report.


Honda OEM tires are pure hot garbage. or discount tire.

Also, the tires that are worn unevenly can be shaved if they still have good treat, but I would try to find out why they are uneven in the first place. That points to an alignment issue.

What do you mean A/C condenser is “smashed”?? Like some of the fins are bent?


Lots of places do not report to these car history services. There could be 10 oil changes done by a local oil change shop that were never reported. Body serviced? Could be almost anything. Could be they adjusted the rubber hood stops because the hood was not sitting even with the fenders. Could be a trim piece that came loose.