Companies that Lease Former Loaners?

In my search for an MDX, I asked an Acura dealer about leasing former loaner. They priced out the loaner on a lease and told me it came out to more than a new car because of incentives and MF etc, didn’t give me any specific numbers though.

I currently lease a BMW that I got as a former loaner and it saved a lot of money. Do any other manufacturers lease their loaners in a way that makes financial sense in terms of saving money compared to leasing a new car? I’m looking for a car with a third row so looking at Toyota Highlander, Infiniti QX60, Acura MDX (X5 seems to be too expensive even as a former loaner)


Some brands have better deals for demos – one of them being BMWs. However, it all ends today as the residuals will be taking a hit (aka a LOT lower than today) once midnight hits tonight. Usually allowed to lease as “new” under 10k. Lexus only lets you do a loaner as “new” if under 500 miles

What will residuals be now? I am curious because I just ended a deal yesterday for a BMW 328i with about 8.5k miles I believe. 10k annual = 60% and 15k annual = 57% Residual

4% - 6% for 10k miles & under. Then used car values after that