Companies like mycarauction or CarStub in NorCal

Are there companies like or CarStub that operate in Northern California? Have a lessor released title (well coming today according to Informed Delivery), but just learned that Carvana, CarMax, etc. won’t work with those. It looks like both mycarauction and CarStub are in Southern California, and I just want my SUV gone ASAP :slight_smile:

Use the California sales tax exemption to get the title and sell it to the highest bidder.

Ended up selling to mycarauction same day the Mercedes-releases title came in the mail. Their inspector stopped by in the evening, inspected the car, and cut a check on the spot. I think I’m OK sales-tax wise because the date on the released title and the date on the bill of sale are less than 10 days apart and I haven’t dealt with DMV at all. They also gave me the highest price of all. Sounds like a winner for these situations, unless I’m missing something…

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I sold my Mercedes with a lessor-released title to a week ago and their check cleared, but the car is still not picked up. It’s not that I mind exactly, but I can’t help but wonder if it’s possible for there to be some sort of scam because it looks very suspicious to me that they have not even contacted me about picking up the car. I gave them the title and signed the bill of sale. They say that they can’t find truck drivers and maybe they are correct, but it’s still very odd that I have to ping them to pick up their purchase and not the other way around.

Is any type of scam possible here (although not sure how it’s possible given that they paid and I turned it into a cashier’s check the same day), or is the shortage of truck drivers really this bad??

Truck shortages are definitely real

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Call the owner . His name is Ray

+1 (714) 390-6655 Tell him I sent you . He is a total gentlemen


Money cleared and title signed over. Not your problem.

If the car is parked on your driveway, it’s a nuisance. Also, who would be responsible if car is stolen? I probably would not be comfortable with this type of arrangement.

Sounds like you can address this directly with the owner thanks to Sam, but I agree that you are not providing free storage for their car and they either need to come get it or find a temporary location for it that is not your driveway.

Hmm still nothing. The car is actually on the street in front of my house and I have one remaining pair of keys. The guy who picked up the car said to give the keys to the truck driver when he comes by. That’s why it sounds so weird to me.

They may be waiting to sell and then ship to the new buyer directly.


I am mean. If it would be my driveway, I’d call them and say: " i am waiting until end of day today, tomorrow morning car goes into public parking where you pay when you leave the space locked. Keys are sent usps priority. Best of luck"

But that’s just me.

I sold my car the carauction in Aug and went through the same process even though I didn’t have to wait for the tow driver to to pick up my car. I gave the 2 keys to the driver who gave me the receipt after a quick inspection.

@kaz5 Do you mean you are still waiting for them to pick up the car since August?

No, they picked up my car within a week. I actually deliberately delayed the pick up unless the MBFS posted the payment in my account. There was a delay in payment in carauction’s side and when I contacted the person who inspected the car, it was resolved quickly. You can try to contact their central office/car inspector if the shipment is still in limbo.

Someone added their review on another thread

I have a 19 honda accord which is leased through American Honda Finance. I owe $17900 and received an appraisal from Carmax for $26000. American honda does not allow 3rd party buy outs unless its at a honda or acura dealership which offered me $23000. I called up mycarauction did an appraisal and was offered $26000. Within a day had a rep drive to San Francisco and pay off my vehicle and cut me a check for difference minus 10% hold till I mail them title. I do recommend them for anyone else looking to get out of a lease with equity. Tell them Anthony referred you

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I wish the individual I spoke to late last week knew the proper steps and relayed them; their buyer told me I would have to buy my car first (which I was going to do anyway). I would have sold my vehicle immediately had I known he was incorrect. Then, on Monday, three days after our conversation, I was rear-ended after going to the dealership to prepare for the purchase (more cosmetic than anything but still a possible depreciation).

Kris is the guy who bought my car as well, can confirm that the purchase part of the process was drama-free. Car finally picked up today, almost a month after they bought it. Turns out the transportation company wrote down my phone number wrong… :man_facepalming: