Companies like mycarauction or CarStub in NorCal

I am going to contact the person again with this information. If he still insists I have to purchase the car, perhaps I can reach out to Kris.

Now I am not sure whether I should get the repair to the car done before selling it or sell it as-is and submit a new quote with the damage disclosed.

I was going to pay off vehicle and sell to carmax but they wanted me register title and I would have to pay taxes

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So if I did not have to pay taxes, my profit would have been $13,000 pre-accident. However, I am unsure how much they will now deduct (even though the repair shop said they would only need to polish the transfer).

I will text the buyer I spoke to right now. I want it out of my hands as quickly as possible. After what happened, it is not moving from here on out. So I am keeping it parked if I am selling it.

Thank you for all of the information.

They deducted $200 for curb rash on all 4 rims. Keep me updated let me know what they say.

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any other positive/negative experiences with

they are the only online-based platform (ie: carvana, shift, vroom, etc) i found that would buy my car with a lessor-released title (ie: i paid off my lease, lessor mailed me the title showing they release the car & all liabilities to me, but title still has lessor’s name and my name on it)

my friend even reached out to them about his car whose lessor does not allow 3rd party buyouts, but mycarauction said they can certainly do it. Carmax wont even buy cars with lessor-released title

Positive experience here - yet also somewhat strange - similar to @Matt_K1. Appraised/sold in December, car picked up in January. I had to follow up a few times to make sure we were on track to receive title/car pick up, etc.

I just finished an experience with them. My initial offer was received on Jan. 7 and I just got my last $1,000 check from them today. Would recommend and happy to answer any questions.

How long did loan payoff take with them? I sold the car to them 10 days ago and received the equity check but the bank does not have it’s payoff yet.

Want to get the car off my driveway sooner rather than later.