Commuter section needed

Seems a lot of regulars live to discuss fancy leases. Also seems that newbs that show up just for some quick help on the cheapest lease of the month get bullied away because their questions annoy the regulars.
We need a section where commuters that are looking for the best lease deals of each month can feel out on whatever they can to save a buck and not just get a Maserati or BMW or Genesis or Lexus or Volvo etc.
There is so little on this site on cheap leases :frowning:
I really hope we can expand that.

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It’s not that there isn’t cheap leases or help towards, it’s just that this site is all about bang for your buck and there’s a certain floor you reach where there’s just no more juice to squeeze.

To that end, cheaper cars (aka Vanilla) tend to lease poorly to the point where it’s not that much more to get into something nicer.


Countless times, I have seen a commuter get bullied away.

Provide examples while avoiding the usual cavalcade of spoonfeed requests.


Try going to a dealer, talk about shenanigans, if you can’t deal with people on here, you’re in for a rude awakening at the stealership. Leasehackr just hardens you for the sales process.

What’s the definition of cheap?


This site wasn’t designed to be a handout for spoon feeders (hey, what’s the best lease this month?; where can I get that Kia for 99/mo?). The idea is to put in the legwork and then get assistance.

There is a section already for those not interested in above…marketplace.


Huh? I drive 30k miles a year and own an Accord and a $2500 minivan. I’m way more interested in ‘normal’ cars than Range Rovers, but most ‘normal’ cars seem to have awful lease programs lately.

Half the threads lately seem to be about Accord Sports.

It’s the :spoon: feeders that drive us crazy.

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I just leased for the first time in June.

I came here to learn in detail how the transaction worked so I could apply the knowledge to my own target list of vehicles.

There are brand nuances, but the fundamental concepts are pretty universal.

The only thing I can imagine would be new posters who come here asking what the cheapest possible lease out there is, having done 0 research, and waiting for members to spoon feed them. People tend to respond negatively to that. It really has nothing to do with fancy brands vs “commuter” cars, do a bit of research, get a quote or two and people are much more responsive to helping out.


This. The ‘what can I has for $200/mo’ thread is an immediate move to wanted ads.



And frankly, @spockvr6 aka Larry Legend landed 2, 4 series bimmers for under $350/month combined



That’s a classic photo Mike!

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Genuine question, but I don’t get the use of the term “commuters” in this context.

Commuters just need reliable transportation that delivers decent mpgs.

Homepage deals are exactly that.

There’s nothing stopping you (or other “commuters”) from pricing Toyota Corollas, etc., and then posting the deal here for review. Relatively low priced cars (and are there any of those that don’t get good gas mileage?) are well-known (Corolla, Civic, Forte, Sentra).

I’ve seen people posting about Kia Fortes, and someone recently just posted about a Ford Fusion for $175/mo. Someone else also posted about a VW Tiguan for < $300/mo (incl tax). $175-300/mo seems pretty affordable…

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Those are great for a commuter section.

How about starting a thread for commuter cars? Some of our most popular threads are threads for general purposes like this. People from all different fronts – shoppers, dealer, brokers, enthusiasts, and of course leasehackrs – would start chiming in and update as the conversation goes because there is a persistent interest in the topic. Some topics even became a wiki-able FAQ thread.

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Why does it need to be a different section? There’s already a “Share Deals and Tips” section that you can peruse for recent unicorn-ish deals that might be in your price range, and a list of recent posts show up on the homepage of the forum. If some gets $250/mo on a BMW i3 in CA, where should that be posted? A BMW is a luxury brand, but the BMW i3 is really more of an urban runabout, and the price would land it in your “commuter” range. So how does it get classified?

The site, AFAIK also doesn’t separate out type/brand of car into its own thread.

That would make more sense.


What exactly is wrong about commuting in a cheap 3/4/5?