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We are process-focused and always aim to provide the best customer experience. We do Alfa Romeo, BMW, Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Ram, Kia, Nissan, Buick, GMC, Chevrolet and Cadillac!

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Our Process:

We have several dealers that we can use to help find you a new vehicle. Once we agree upon a particular car, we will finalize the numbers with your taxes and fees and at that point if you agree you will pay the fee. You can chose to ship the car (at your cost) to your door or upon request we can setup pick up at the dealer. We can refer you to our shipping contact who can get you a great deal.


Contacted Clutch on Saturday… had the deal finalized and credit app submitted the same evening, car delivered and in my driveway on Wednesday from almost 1000 miles away!! These guys are extremely responsive, personable, and are ready to get you the car you need at a ridiculously good price despite COVID… don’t think twice about reaching out to them for your next car! I’ll be back for my next one!


Was a true pleasure working with you from start to finish @sledbeagle2 . Glad we were able to secure the car you wanted and get it deliverered in that window you needed it by. As you know by now we are here for you every step of the way and that doesnt stop once you take delivery of the car. Looking forward to working with you soon on the next one. Enjoy the holidays!


It was a pleasure working with Abe. Honest, smooth and simple is how I would describe the experience. Will definitely be back when my wife’s lease is up. Thanks for all your help

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The pleasure was truly ours. Thank you for the opportunity and congratulations again on an amazing 750 deal. Cant wait for the next one

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Highly recommend working with Clutch for any new BMW purchase as well. Was in the market to buy a new BMW and Clutch was so helpful and resourceful. He got us amazing deals, was quick to respond, and was patience with color and options requests. Will definitely work with him for my future BMW purchases. So clutch for this sometimes frustrating and convoluted process of car buying. He really helps to make the process simple and quick, and helps to save a lot of money and time.

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Ming it was our pleasure working with you on this. Looking forward to working with you down the road and help you secure some amazing deals for you and your family. We appreciate the comments and thrive to always provide the best for our customers. Excited for us to work together again down the road.

I had a painful experience dealing with the dealerships directly because they wouldnt respond to me soon enough (sales advisors nor managers). heck i just wanted to get a pic confirmation of car having a trailer hitch and the sales advisor was too bz. before the sales manager could explain the numbers, that car got sold.

I reached out to @Clutch immediately on dec 30. i told him before 2020 ends i need to get a car in order to get all the incentives and discounts. within a day, he was able to secure me a deal with my specs (except for trailer hitch which was tough to find). i was amazed he was able to get me a deal close to what i lost SO FAST! unfortunately for him, a dealership in florida made the same offer at the very last min. it was down to between @Clutch or the florida dealership. i chose the local dealership because it slightly cheaper (due to shipping and broker cost) and i could pick up the car personally and avoid having to visit the local dmv for registration/tag. plus because i was in person, the sales manager was nice to throw in some free accessories.

but next time, i will definitely reach out to @Clutch a lot sooner and not have to deal with the dealerships anymore!


@madodgv6 thank you for the kind words. It was our pleasure assisting you. Looking forward to making the next one work for sure. Were here to help educate and facilitate you throughout all your needs. Pleasure feel free to reach out anytime.

Just want to give a huge shout out to Ali at Clutch. These guys are great. The best part of it is they are true car enthusiasts and take the time to talk shop before and AFTER the deal is done. I did not feel for one second they were trying to pressure me or I was just another number on their board.

Great communication, great follow up, great guys and great deal.

Already talking to them about another car.


Thank you so so much for the kind words @7summits! Was an absolute pleasure assisting you and we will certainly nail down the next one!

I contacted Clutch on Sunday, quick responses, so quick I hit the limit on messages I could send in one day so I searched for their email and emailed them directly.

I gave them the specifics, my must haves and nice to haves and they found the vehicle and options quickly. They even got the terms I was wanting to pay. Car ended up being about 30 minutes away.

From first contact to driving the car home took less than 48 hours. This was my first lease so it was really helpful of Clutch to guide me into what everything meant.

Even after I picked up the car, Clutch called to make sure everything went smooth and to see if I had any questions. Can’t ask for better service than that.

End of the day, I’m extremely happy and have already recommended them to a friend.

Thanks again clutch, I’m loving the M550i !


It was our absolute pleasure working with you on this. Im glad we could source the car you wanted with the exact specs you were looking for and must I say you have excellent taste. Enjoy the car in good health and drive safe. Looking forward to working with you on the next one! Thanks again for giving us the opportunity to earn the business. You were a joy to work with.

Just used to score a sweet DAS deal on a loaded '21 530i M Sport.

Abe was great to deal with and even dealt with some last min changes that almost derailed deal.

Recommend highly!!!

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James thank you so much for the words. That 530 is by far the best looking one Ive seen. Enjoy it in good health my friend. Glad we got everything to work out at the end.
Well be here for the next one.

I was able to score a beautiful 330i through Ali and Clutch. It took less than 2 days for the whole process and it went through without any drama.

They are VERY responsive and are actively looking to help you out, I frankly got tired of getting the run around by other brokers on here.

I will definitely be forwarding their details to family and friends that are looking to lease.

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It was truly our pleasure helping you and assisting you with this. Thanks for making this easy for us as well.Congratulations on your beautiful ride. Enjoy it in good health. We’ll be here to assist you, your family, and friends on the next ones. Looking forward to it!

It was a great experience working with Clutch @Clutch on a BMW X7 lease. Clutch was very responsive and had the car delivered from out of state in just two days and that too enclosed! I would recommend them to anyone looking for a hassle free car leasing experience from the comfort of your home. Thank you very much @Clutch for helping me sign a deal very close to the numbers I was looking for!


@Deep the pleasure was all ours. Glad we could get you into that x7 on the last day. Happy everything ended up working out. We appreciate the words. Hope you enjoy it in good health. Enjoy it. And were here to help on the next one

Just want to give a huge shoutout to the clutch team for their help with my leasing experience. They made the process easier than ordering a pizza. Within 2 days, we got in contact, told them what vehicle I wanted with the options and color in 30 min phone call, and they hooked it up. Second day, got the vehicle ready at the dealership, and I went to the dealer in the evening to sign and pick up the vehicle.

Almost all brokers here offer similar pricing, but what separates the good ones from the others is how they act when an issue arises. I had an issue with my incentives/credit and clutch team got on it and resolved the issue within 30 mins (no joke), they’re on point about their customer satisfaction, and I will be doing more business with them when I am in the market for a new vehicle.

Here is a pic of my new fun daily, all props to Clutch team :partying_face: