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Our Process:

We work with several dealers in the South to help find you the best deal on your new vehicle. Once we agree upon a particular car, we will finalize the numbers with your taxes and fees, and at that point if you agree you will pay our fee. You will then submit a credit application with GM Financial for approval, and if approved, we will arrange the pickup/delivery of your new car! You can choose to either (1) ship the car to your door (at your expense), or (2) request to pickup the car at the dealer. If you choose to ship, we can refer you to our shipping contact who can get you a competitive quote.

As a Customer inquiring about a car, what do I need to provide?

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I just never get tired of seeing these LT1! So happy to see the bonanza version 2 :slight_smile:


You can stack $500 health care and the supplier discount?

Post says yes you can!

I think one can stack the $500 healthcare/1st responder with the GMS pricing, but you have to choose between the healthcare rebate and the additional GMS rebate on the Camaro. The additional GMS rebate I believe is $750, so probably better to take that approach…I think. But, it’s only 250 bucks either way so shouldn’t be that big of a deal one way or the other.


@spockvr6 Thank you for clarifying that. You are 100% correct! Thank you


Can you do other Chevy model too? Looking for BOLT EUV

E-mail sent! I am ready for some tire smoke in my life!

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What are the qualifications and amount for loyalty and conquest?

Also I don’t see the additional $750 CCR rebate on the Chevy website.

$1500 for lotyalty/conquest ( active non GM lease in household)
the $750 is a an additional supplier rebate

Lease only or does own count?

This is a screenshot from the Chevy website.

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It’s lease only.

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car burning GIF


We need to see more Camaros!!!



Cannot access you email id. could you please ping it here or your contact number. Thanks!

Oh boy, here we go. I just priced one out with GMS discount on $36,635 MSRP and it gets me to $252/mo plus tax with ~$700 due at signing. Pretty sure wife will divorce me for real if I get 2nd Camaro in 8 months…

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Good luck finding a dealer to honor that lol

I just got off the phone with the dealer, every dealer in MI honors GMS discount pricing and all rebates. Plus I almost got my first LT1 from him in Dec, but I chose a different color instead.

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if you don’t want it, want it pass it along lol