Clutch Auto Deals Broker - Reviews? Are they legit?

Texas Buyer here. Want to fully purchase a vehicle rather than lease.

I have seen Clutch Auto Deals as a broker mentioned a few times in the forums and have seen their replies in some posts. But could not verify if they are a legit broker or one of the scammers in the online circle.

My concerns.

  1. Up front broker fee, before you get any paperwork from dealership. Non refundable broker fee as well if the dealer screws you up later, you can’t back out.
  2. If and when a dealer contacts you per their process after broker fee, how do you know the price is locked? what are the guarantee that it will be locked and honored the way it is?
  3. Tread lightly seems to be a hit or a miss. Seems like some dealers are not honoring it at all. So is it safe to not expect that last 1% to save myself from a disappointment? and let it be a bonus if at all I get it.

I am an out of state buyer and are willing to drive or fly any distance in the nation to get the best deal and drive back home. But ordering a 60k Wrangler is making it difficult to take a blind shot.


if you have bought a vehicle using Clutch Auto Deals as a broker, please share your experiences.

If you had searched “Clutch broker review” here on the forums, their review thread would have appeared in the top 3


I guess my searching skills weren’t up to snuff to find what I am looking for.

Thank you for the link.


I’m a Clutch fan. He did me right when purchasing my Ram 1500 six months ago. I’ve also had a good experience with Autopia. There are a few others I would be happy to use if they worked with us persona non-grata California folks. Our broker community is really solid IMHO.


I leased 3 Wrangler 4Xe’s and a Hellcat in 2022 all from @Clutch so all your questions/concerns can be answered by Clutch in your initial e-mail :joy:
You’re in great hands there :+1:


They’re solid jeep merchants for sure. :+1:

Buy with confidence.


Pretty sure if the dealer doesn’t honor the pricing clutch will refund you 100%, any broker that doesn’t would get completely annihilated here for doing that. He’s legit and has helped many people get deals here.


I was formerly their competition and I’ll vouch.

Most of the brokers on this forum are solid.


Review threads exist for a reason.