Cls 450 discount before incentives

I am trying to to get a 2019 cls 450but I haven’t found a lot of research on the discount before incentives anyone has an idea what will be a good discount from MSRP

I am in Florida press NJ tag by mistake

Check the broker posts on here, I have seen at least 2 of them offering 2019 CLS’s (might be demo but can’t recall). That’s usually a good starting point. Get the MF/RV from Edmunds and reach out to a dealer. As for incentives, you can also ask about that on Edmunds.

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CLS Deals:

I already have incentives MF and RV for this month just trying to figure it out what a good discount will be

Use the links above as a guideline, remove a few % from the discount for a new car (if it’s a demo). Start reaching out to 2/3 dealers in your area to start getting prices and go from there.

How much different should be the discount from a demo to a new car

It depends on the miles and how long it was in their loaner fleet, but using @nyclife He had one with 14.9% for a new car. Try to shoot for a discount around that range.

You should be able to reverse calculate the discount from any broker post, if they don’t list it.

That’s why I did I told the dealer I was looking for a 13-15 discount before intensive with a base MF for the month

If the dealer isn’t willing to play ball, move on to the next dealer. If you have a specific number in mind, work it out on the calculator and see what would be required to get that deal. Depending on the dealer, you could even make that as an offer.

That’s my plan thanks

Got this offer after some negotiation
2019 CLS 450
MSRP 80020
11% discount before incentives
2000 incentive
Ask for 14% before incentives dealer came back at 11 %

I bought my 2019 CLS53 in Dec of 2018 when they just hit the ground and was able to push them to 10%. Considering we’re 1.5 yrs into production and most of the CLS’s now sitting on the lots, I would continue to push to 13-14%. Additionally, look into PenFed.

So the extra 3% would save about $2,400 of cost, or roughly $70 per month.
Looking at, I see listings for over 14% off MSRP, so I would keep looking/negotiating.

Yeah I’ll keep pushing for at least 14% before incentives thanks

Can anyone help me to put this worksheet on the calculator and also how do you calculate inception fees

Have you followed the calculator FAQ that goes step by step on how to fill out the calculator based on dealer worksheets and contracts?

I did but I am not sure where the inceptions fees come from or how to input them on the calculator

Put these:




I am talking about the 1758.24