Civic vs Prius vs Corolla: Which one do you prefer?

I found a 2022 Honda Civic Sport Touring FWD with 12,896 miles for $26k. What do you guys think about this deal relative to fair market pricing on this model?

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You should be able to get a brand new one for 29 plus ttl

$3k discount is awful for a car almost 3 years old and therefore close to expiring warranty


Would that require a 10% discount? Are Civics really going for that much off? (I have no idea)

Thanks for the referral!

How would you guys compare these 3 vehicles? Which would you prefer and why?

Hello. You’ve started 3 threads involving a Civic over one day. You don’t need to start a new thread for related topics, so I’ve merged 2 of them.

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My spouse had a 2010 Prius for almost 10 years / 80,000 miles and it cost basically nothing to own. Aside from oil changes, I think we bought one set of tires and that was it.

And it gets like 710 mpg.

Now that they no longer look like suppositories, of the three choices that would be my selection.

Also, when someone here posts an outrageously bad dealer experience (pressure tactics, deceptive advertising, unnecessary add-ons, other nonsense) without naming the brand, my first guesses are generally Honda or Hyundai.

Civic, Prius, or Corolla?
I’ll take door #4: Mazda3


Okay, so I know this is probably not an issue for the vast majority of people, but I know someone who is fairly tall (6’3") and has a new Prius. Hit a curb head on at fairly low speed (according to them) but hit the windshield/roof transition so hard that he sent the mounting pole of the sunvisor through the roof (and I assume gave himself a head injury in the process).

The windshield rake in the current-gen Prius is unacceptable for a mainstream car, IMHO. But obviously one’s mileage will vary…

2006 Prius with 150k miles checking in. Never needed anything besides brakes, oil changes and a broken TPMS sensor.

I’ve also owned a 2001 Corolla that never had anything break up to 130k miles except the light that illuminated the shifter (fixed it myself for like $3). Never got to see how far it would make it because my cousin crashed it :man_shrugging:

Ok I actually laughed out loud

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Loved my 2020 civic ! Personally the best drive of all of them and I’ve driven them over long periods… probably the best Honda holding value vehicle too.

Our preferences don’t matter compared to yours.

The Prius will likely have the lowest cost of ownership. The Civic will likely have the most character, although in that price range you can also get a loaded Forte GT.

I’m leaning more towards civic. Though the hybrid aspect is kind of appealing with the Prius.

There is (or will be) a Civic hybrid…

For sure. But no discounts unless I wait for a while.

What about a Corolla hybrid?

What would be a good price to counter if I went for this?

You’ll never get a good price on a late model used Honda.

Too many Damsey disciples and “always buy used” morons buying them.


I wonder if that can be a good strategy to keep driving new Hondas/Toyotas. Buy a new one, drive until the warranty expires and sell it ot a Ramsey disciple.

The killer part is the tax. So I was Toyota/Honda would lease at the RV that’s close to the real world resale value, but it seems that is not the case.