Civic vs Prius vs Corolla: Which one do you prefer?

They can’t pay cash. They walk into dealers and get fleeced on the APR because they’re so convinced they’re saving by buying late model used.

So I got a quote for a new 2024 civic hatchback sport touring. I was offered $29,745. The out the door cost will be $33,165. Right off the bat I lose $3,420. What I’m wondering is if I want to sell this vehicle in two years, practically speaking, what will I actually be willing to sell it for (roughly). I imagine trying to sell private will be a pain? But then going to a dealer you get fleeced? Any thoughts about this?

yeah, you nailed it.

The reason it will be a pain is because of what max_g said, the pool of potential Civic buyers who want to buy private will be low. I don’t know how financing on private sale used vehicles works. I only bought the used cars that I could purchase all cash (I didn’t have the cash to buy a two to three year used Civics, so I purchased 10 year old cars).

But I’m not in this business, so I am hoping someone will have more insights.

On second thoughts, maybe it won’t be a pain. I quickly researched and well known banks liek Capital one offer loans for private sales.

Considering the reputation of Civic, maybe it won’t be that hard to sell it compared to selling an unreliable expensive car.

So sell it to Carmax…?

What will you be willing to sell it for, or what can you actually sell it for?

yes, but he may get the best deal selling direct and cutting out the middleman?

I just checked that there are many banks that offer loans for private sales. I don’t know the details though.

I would like to at least get KBB value.

Buying and selling cars every two years?
That’s a real luxury. Or a totally unnecessary expense. Depending on how you look at it.

I don’t plan on it. But I just like having the flexibility of doing so if life circumstances necessitate it.