Civic Si market adjustment

Hope you enjoy the car! I think the cost for value of the car is kind of gone now. It’s entry luxury cost for a non luxury car. New car prices truly have gone off the deep end.

Civic Si’s usually sold for MSRP even before this year. Prior models. I think coupe model came out back in 98 and it was in such demand it was going over MSRP. A friend of mine had the red, and it was a spectacular car. Superb manual transmission, and if I am not mistaken 170hp high rev V-Tech.

Yeah vehicle prices are crazy but for me it’s still a pretty inexpensive car and the least I have paid for a car in probably 25 years…and market is limited for manuals as it is…so, a bargain! Haha

What do you think about the haptic nonsense on the steering wheel that you will be hitting unintentionally, and the buried menus in the user interface, and having to change some settings every time you drive?

I don’t have car yet but electronics/computer stuff come easy to me as an engineer so I’m not overly concerned…I’m more enamored with the engine performance…especially the torque!

Yes it’s a fantastic drivetrain. It’s the daily skullduggery.

I’ve read a lot of posts from actual owners who really like the system/UI after getting used to it. I anticipate it being that way for me also. I’m really looking forward to learning it!

Civics are so overpriced. I know people paying close to $600 on a lease for them. My first car was a 2001 civic that I paid $187 a month for lol. I would defiantly look at other option in this segment.

There aren’t any other options really. WRX Base is close but it’s hideous. Agree lease on these is a joke though.

I think civic is hideous. WRX for the win. That AWD is one of the best in the market. BTW in 2001 I was 18. I have no clue what’s so great about a civic. The best Honda’s are the Preludes (H22) or Civic (B16B) and the great S2000. Look elsewhere and save money. FWD over a great AWD? Never.

I guess they make hideous cars like the WRX for people who like this:

I am the original owner of a 2001 Prelude Type SH with 160,000 miles on it which I absolutely love and adore. I can tell you however that parts are increasingly hard to find and so many have been discontinued by Honda.

I think the current Civic Si is a nice package at MSRP.

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That isn’t my market or interest anymore. Both hideous. If I was car shopping for my oldest son I would get him something else over civic/wrx. Ricey look was hot back then in 2001 when I was 18. Ricey look no good anymore.

I still miss my 1998 Nordic Mist Type SH (obviously cause see username, lol). But my RSX Type S does have some of that ‘ol Honda magic. Loved the S2000 too. Always wanted one. Nearly got one a few times but now they’re at bit more than I’d be willing to spend.

I try to look at my RSX-S as a 2+2 Wrong Wheel Drive, hatchback coupe S2000 with 11-12% less hp/tq, haha.

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WRX actually leases reasonably well too.

I think I’d go for a discounted 2022 WRX Premium over a Civic Si at MSRP and I’m a Honda guy.


I think you are still thinking of the prior generation, the 11th gen was panned for being too conservative.

Grew up driving many hondas/acuras. Civics/accords/rsx/integras. I would still get a WRX over a civic any day. Today I’m 40 with kids. 3 row SUVs for me.

Picked up GTI and honestly learned the UI in about 15 minutes. Played with on way home. Super easy and I like the clean no buttons or knobs look. It is a ‘change’ but nothing overwhelming. Steering wheel controls are nice and require a push to really actuate…can’t imagine it happening accidentally without something really unusual going on. Crazy some of those reviewers being so down on it…they probably still don’t know how to use their phone either. Haha

Plus the K series motor in your RSX is more durable, less maintenance intensive, and has parts more readily available.

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