Civic Si market adjustment

In the market for an Si and somehow thought this popular model was immune from market adjustment add on BS. Nope. Dealer started at 3k and at 1.5k would not budge and let me walk out the door rather than sign on December 27th. I was shocked. I guess they were too LOL! Is this the cost to play these days on an Si? Thank you

The more popular the model, the more in demand. It’s all about supply and demand really.

Have you checked the marketplace? Few brokers offering Honda’s. Check over there.

Yeah it’s bleak out there for Civics apparently

It is. You can get in an Accord for less in many cases.

The Civic Si is normally not a high volume seller. Do you have your heart set on one? If not, some have suggested the Integra A-Spec 6MT which (I’m sure you know) is the mechanical twin of the Civic Si and can be had at a slight discount off MSRP and you get a longer warranty. Also the elephant in the room is the WRX 6MT which is ugly, but can be leased: Cheapest Sport Compact to Lease: Subaru WRX for $345/Month, $0 Down — LEASEHACKR

Good luck with your search for an Si. Maybe you’ll get a call back in the next day or 2 and they’ll be willing to sell it to you at sticker.

A different local dealer just called me after an online inquiry I made last night. I related my sob story. They would not even divulge if they would have a market adjustment charge on the available Si they have unless I drove over there. No wonder they and the process are so hated.

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Make a dealer an offer and let them say yes or no. Stop wasting time asking them how much they want you to pay.


In addition to market adjustment charges, you’ve got to be aware of “mandatory” add ons which range from window tint to ceramic coating to paint protection film to VIN etching to vehicle theft protection or a bunch of Honda accessories which you would never put on the car. These can easily add up to thousands of dollars very quickly, but the dealer will say they are selling the car “no higher than MSRP.”

You are doing the right thing. You walked out, you aren’t going to deal with the dealer who won’t say whether or not they have a market adjustment. Try expanding your search area. I see you are in NJ. Try dealers in PA or NY. You never know. Good luck & keep us informed with the outcome.

Last night the dealer had charges for vin etch and nitro fill. I guess they figured paint protection was a step too far :rofl:. New CTR at 20k over sticker.

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Oh, like my MSRP offer?

You could certainly make them an offer based on an at msrp sales price and no add ons.

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That’s what I did

What’s drawing you towards a Civic SI anyway?

You can prob gets thousands of a better equipped Accord Sport.

Much larger, roomier car, quieter, safer, more powerful and you jump from a compact into an almost full size vehicle. All while getting similar gas mileage . If you go hybrid, it’ll trounce the civic too.

The civic was never a good lease candidate historically .

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So they said no. Move on to another dealer.

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SI is manual only. Accord no longer has a manual option. I’d say this man wants to row his own gears.


I’m actually looking at Civic Si and GTI as fun manual cars…not a lot left out there!

And yes most dealers in Chicago/IN area are adding to MSRP but I have found a few that will sell at MSRP…but they have none and who knows when they will…so, bottom line, is if you want one now you will most likely have to pay at least a grand or two ADM (some dealers at 5K+ on in stock units). GTI’s can be more readily found for sticker but also scarce.

If that’s the case his best bet is a WRX. Much more fun than SI Civic and comes in manual.

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Eh, I agree with you, but I can’t fault the guy for wanting a Honda. Also, have you seen the WRX? Woof!


Which is also much more normal looking compared to a WRX.

Not everyone wants a car that screams “Look at me! My whole personality is vaping.”


Yeah, I won’t argue the WRX is a better deal in a vacuum. I just can’t get over the new styling. Honda went the other way with the new civics, and it looks really clean.

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