Chevy Volt LT $216/month 0 down 1st payment due at sign

Wanted to thank this site for such good info learned so much and finally pulled the trigger on this one today thought I’d share.


Looks like a sweet deal !

What were the rebates that you qualified for that added to $10150

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That’s a pretty sweet deal!

Looking to repeat this deal if any SoCal dealers are willing. Shoot me a PM

@Usman_Akram any details on the dealership you got the lease at/ can you post your lease agreement (barring sensitive information ofc)

Also interested in a similar deal if possible. L

Say what? What’s your mileage allowance on this?

I don’t remember exactly what the rebates were off top of my head I know 1 was the $500 competitive lease because we have a sienna in the household the other was a rebate of $3,000 from state of CT for ev car and there was 2 other ill let you guys know which ones exactly when I sign because it’s a locate they only had a red one and I didn’t want red should be here by next week. It was maritime chevy in Fairfield CT. Guys name is Frank good guy didn’t hide anything was very upfront about everything.

It was a 10k 36 month

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this deal is a CT specific deal. In CT the state rebate is included in the price of the lease rebates. It be the equivalent of a Cali dealer giving a 9150 rebate (if they could include the CA and PG&E rebates).

It’s a good deal, but people in Cali can do better in practice.

  1. look at @ChevyPhil deals. The sell price of the car is $2K and you get another $2K in rebates.

  2. I’ve spoken to multiple other dealers in NorthernCal who will do similar deals to his all day long. If you want it for $30,500 with the standard rebates (and whatever else you qualify for), they will basically sign and drive you at the standard mf rates.

  3. However, you wont get much below $30,500 without giving something back to the dealer (i.e. higher than normal mf rate, paying extra for XS Wear insurance…).

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I just did the lease calculator on @ChevyPhil 's numbers and it seems that he bundles in the registration, doc, and tax into the lease to bring up the price to around $258/month with only first month due at signing.
Now if those fees were not included in the mix, the price would be $218/month similar to this current deal in CT. If I am mistaken please let me know.

@ChevyPhil “Selling Price” is about $2K cheaper. This is $1K cheaper than that (so in practice about $30 cheaper), but it includes the CT rebate, As I said, if you factor in the $2K in CA rebates one can get (assuming PG&E customer), that makes Phil’s deal about $30 cheaper (my math is that each $500 in savings is about $15 a month in savings)

What I’ve seen standard in the bay area is about $595 acq fee and about $116 in misc other fees ($7 tire fee, $80 doc fee, $29 eff fee, unsure what these are) I paid $356 for DMV fees, other dealers put $320 down, my dealer said the $36 extra was for doing it electronically, and they would have added it back in, unsure if its true or not, but even including it, was the best deal I got, wasn’t going to debate over it)

yea, I do $3,500 off msrp plus rebates. so about $1,000 more discount then this, but only because we hit our volume bonus and get some back and that’s how the Cali market is. This is still a good deal. More rebates because of how CT does it. Congratulations!

Phil Gileno
Capitol Chevrolet
San Jose C.A.

I did say it was a good deal, just saying those asking if any cali dealer can match it, doesn’t quite understand the cali market.

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Very close, and thank you so much for your input.
Yes, we do $0 due at signing. 35 payment of $258 and yes we include reg, doc, and tax.
but that’s not the main difference in the two deals. They include rebates from the state at time of purchase. so with slightly less discount and more rebates, you have a lower monthly payment.
to do the math with how Calif does it you’d have to divide the $1,500 CVRP rebate by 35 months $42.85 and subtract it from the $258. so $215.15 including the CVRP rebate.

Exactly, I was definitely agreeing with you but I don’t want to say my deals are any better with out knowing his market. But definitely just as good and more dealer discount. Thanks for your input as always @thetoad

Phil Gileno
Capitol Chevrolet
San Jose C.A.

right, I’d encourage anyone who is specifically after lower payments to put the rebate amount into the down payment. not zero down, but in practicality it is and just replenish their bank account when the rebate comes. I think there’s an advantage to not doing it, and just mentally calculating the savings, but only if one really has the financial resources to cover the entire cost of the lease no matter what. just my 2c.

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I agree and i’d say at least 1/2 of my customers decide to put the $1,500 down to have the lower monthly obligation over time. And in my area it’s not that they can’t afford it… it’s just the more “real” to see that payment instead of divide they’re rebate mentally. As I always advise “There is no wrong answer, it is up to you. I’m happy to help either way”

In So Cal, Community Chevy and Rydell Chevy are advertising lease deals online that are similar. Bigger down, but you can always negotiate a $0 drive off or $0 down. That’s what I did on my Gen 1.

I check their deals (and others) weekly and post them here:

right, but their deal isn’t really that different than what @ChevyPhil is offering at $258.

79 + 3250 + (say $1.2K in taxes and $1.1 in “fees” dealer/dmv whatever + 200-250 as “first payment”. Using the metric that currently every $500 saved or prepaid is $15 on the monthly, I’d calculate it at least an additional $173 a month to do 0 down / 0 driveoff, or $252 a month. i.e. right near his $258. In fact, when I called community, I was quoted for a 0 down / 0 driveoff as a sale price of 30688 and a monthly of $252 with 0 down / 0 driveoff (amazing how math works that way)

Honestly, the main thing that annoys me about leases is that dealers don’t advertise their selling price, but instead advertise their down / monthlies, makes it much more difficult to comparison shop, as at the end of the day, the number you should be negotiating in the lease is the selling price line of the quote (assuming they don’t play games with fees / money factor which they will if the price is too low)

With that said, even if you get a great sale price quote of X doesn’t mean you’ll get it, a dealer tried to raise money factor on me, and I was like “WTF!”, we met in the middle. Probably could have done better as they used my supplier discount number, but I think they wore me out as much as I wore them out. Also didn’t help that last night was a terrible night for my DC sports teams.

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