Chevy Lease deals in CT?


First post! I keep reading about these insane Chevy lease deals but can’t seem to find any dealers to follow suit. I am trying to lease a Chevy Equinox and fired off a few emails, they haven’t supplied any information other than a down payment and lease price. Everything so far is coming in way higher than the deals I am seeing here.

Are there any dealers on here or anyone on here know of any good Chevy dealers to work with in CT?

are you currently leasing an Asian car?

Yup a toyota. This would be a car for my mother.

when does the lease expire?

Not for 3 years, I just got it two months ago. Am I misunderstanding the deal? Is it only for leases that are set to end soon?

Then you don’t qualify, the car’s lease must be over within 365 days

Really? No one has mentioned that to me. Where does is say that?

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There are conflicting reports in that thread. One person was able to get into a Chevy with 2 years on their existing Asian conquest. One person was told it was 365 days. One person was told 365 days IF purchasing with GMS or as a dealer employee. I myself was never asked when my lease was over, nor was it ever brought up that it had to be over within 365 days. Nobody called to verify my existing payoff though until all my negotiation was done. It’s possible someone asked Nissan when calling to verify my payoff, but it’s unknown.

When I got the Conquest bonus, they just checked my registration. I was prepared to provide original lease agreement or a statement, but the registration was enough.

I was going to say the same thing. OP should not feel disqualified. Find Chevy dealers near you and negotiate. Go to NJ if you need to.

365 days rule is still a grey area and dealers are doing deals either ways.
I would strongly suggest you to check North NJ / Central NJ dealers and finalize your numbers/documentation over email.

I am in CT. i went through the process and couldn’t get down to crazy numbers either. If you want to PM me I can give you some more details. I think some of the cooked-in fees are higher here than in CA and some of the other states people are getting great deals in.