Chevy bolt sub $6000 one pay - glad to refer you in massachusetts

Let me know what you think. Here in MA, another $2500 rebate from state. Not as good as NJ rebate.


Details please

GMF Rebate for Extra $1000 to total $11250 (GM, Costco, Competitive Lease). WTF is the GMF to get me to $11250. I think it’s dealer love. Anyone else feeling the love?

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Can you send me dealer info?

I am feeling the love. And the 2.5k mass rebate!!!

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Dig in and see if MA DMV is chasing after those crazy hackrs who drive the car for only 2 years and then unload to Vroom for thousands more than the residual. Kaching? Or prison?

Any love for NY residents?

My friend is looking for an EV deal

NY may require a purchase form a NY dealer

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I am also in for an ultra cheap Chevy Bolt lease if available…

Are you a Masshole? Maybe I can help. Massholes of MA unite.

Stealership still dealing. T minus 2 days for under $6000 BOLT ONE PAY w/costco, current lease, etc.

Are you referring to a dealership?

I’m in mass too and unable to recreate all the deals they seem to be getting on the west coast. It looks like there is only $750 loyalty and $8500 cash.,

can you give me some more details? looking for a 36/10 and hoping for a premier.

You may still be able to get a good deal on one of these, but unless you have a GM Buypower credit card it probably won’t be as good as before. The Costco incentive is dead. The Buypower bonus would essentially replace that if you are already a cardholder who received the bonus offer.

I do have a Buypower card., I’m just looking to find a dealership to play along. So far Quirk in Braintree has given me the lowest price of $8500 as a one pay., but I’m looking at coming in closer to $7200. (which is what they advertise for a LT)

They might have just been using old numbers because afik there is no more $1500 lease conquest and only $750 cash for owning competitive. (in addition to the 8500)

Did Quirk bait and switch you yet?

Not yet because I haven’t actually agreed to anything yet… is that what I should expect? I thought people would be more fourthcoming with numbers these days with covid / email , but so far only one dealership would even tell me what the selling price of the car is.

Using a Boston zip code on the Premier trim. There should be $6,750 lease cash, $1,500 lease loyalty/conquest and an additional $500 for lease conquest. Buypower gets you an additional $3,000 for the Bolt only.

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Subtract $1,000 in lease cash for the LT trim.

DOH… no wonder I could never get my numbers to work out. I was using the $8500 customer cash for retail. (I’m assuming that means like purchase without financing? )

I’m actually in 01752 but im sure same incentive as a boston zip.

So for lease I should be using
$6750 Limited Term bonus cash
$500 Conquest for Lease
$1,500 Lease Loalty & Conquest

= $8750

  • $3000 Buypowercard
    So putting $11,750 in the taxed incentive line on the leasehackr calculator is where I want to start correct?

If you are looking at a Premier, yes. If it’s an LT subtract $1,000 from that.