Chevy Bolt Premier deal

How’s this deal look for all the veteran hackers? I’m in Nevada.
44,640 MSRP
43,304 selling price
1500 lease cash
3000 costco cash
6750 customer cash for GM
Totaling 11,250 in rebates
35784 leased price
Cap cost 1195
Lease end 28569.60
Mf. 001 = 1.27%
8719.56 one time payment
242.21 per month including tax

If you are in Nevada why did you post ca-norcal TAG?

Is the dealer delivering it?

No. It’s from a Nevada dealer. When I posted, it made me tag two things. There was no nevada to tag.
Anyways, I guess I will also get a 7500 tax credit when filing taxes at the end of this year.
Is this a good deal?

Not only do you never qualify for any EV federal tax credit on a lease, but Chevys also don’t qualify for it anymore.

PS There is a NV tag and I corrected it for you.

You guess?

Maybe spend 7.5 minutes googling something when $7,500 is on the line.

Do GM vehicles qualify for $7,500 based on how many EV they have sold? Do lessees qualify given they are not the owner of the vehicle?

Ok so not tax credit on leased cars

Thank you. I typed in Nevada and nothing came up. I guess I needed to put NV.

  1. Wow $50? Your Tax Bracket must be super low to be in the .75% range.
  2. When you lease the Bank (Aka GM) gets the tax credit not you.
  3. GM doesn’t get a tax credit anymore BTW.

Ok thanks.
I don’t care about the tax credit.
Is the deal good?

The RV of $28569 seems extremely good.
64%? That can’t be right the Bolt is leasing for 50%-53% RV right now.

I don’t know how MF 0.001 = 1.27% that’s 3.6% in my book.
Correction it’s 2.4% in my book.

Honestly your numbers don’t add up at all.

I know they don’t add up. Its weird. The sales manager gave me these numbers over the phone after a few attempts.

Oh Phone Numbers! Sales managers couldn’t give you an accurate # ever. heh

Since they don’t add up I can’t tell you if I think it’s good or not.
I can say that the $8.7k total payout for a 36/12 Premier is nice, if it’s real

If you were in NorCal like you said earlier there is huge incentives, that’s why I pointed it out.

Yes, I called. So I guess I need to go in then right?

Hang on it is 8.7k AFTER you give them $1500? If so, it’s a soso deal

the numbers are so confusing I can’t make out what is coming out of your pocket.

MF of .001 isnt 1.27% or 3.6% APR. It’s 2.4%.

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Thanks! For some reason I keep thinking it’s 3600 instead of 2400.

These numbers do not make much sense. How is the lease price $35xxx when sales price is $43xxx - $11250 in rebates? MF/APR is also wrong. And how can the one-pay amount be the same as the total monthly payments?

Here’s the numbers… I don’t know how they add up either.

Much easier to read.
Wow 64% Residual, wonder why GMFL is giving that.
That 1.27 is written down, not printed, it’s 2.4%

BTW That’s not a OnePay of $8719.56 , that’s Total Pay of 8719.56, a true One Pay would change the MF and lower the total cost.

Looks good to me, $8719 OTD with 0 down on Bolt Premier. Nice
203 Days in stock! No wonder a deal was had. Make sure the charger Cable is included.
Does it come with DC Charging? I think it’s an option on the Premier

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