Chevy Bolt Premier deal

Here’s the closet representation I can conjure in calc:

Decent, but you can do better, imho…Bay Area folks are already at 10% off and better, with no work.

edit: your tax rate should be corrected above, it was left over from my tax rate…doh…and that gives exactly $8719…I would take it to 10% off, and float that over to dealer, they are hungry to get it off the lot.

How can I negotiate better? Go into the dealer?

Prepare offer using the above calc at 12% off MSRP, and submit it. They will either take it, or balk at it. Try again at 11.5%, but you should have a limit, based on what others are showing here for the same model. I’d say at this point 10% should be a minimum to shoot for.

The sheet looks legit, but the numbers don’t make any sense. 64% RV? For how many months/miles? Maybe @ethanrs could make heads or tails of that? As far as I know it should be 36 months and 53/52/50% RV depending on mileage.

Poster said it was 36/12k, and yes I agree someone has punched some wrong numbers and Poster should take advantage of that.

They can’t. GMF will not fund the deal with an incorrect RV%.

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Well then he gets to drive a Bolt around for free for 10 days :slight_smile:

Yes it’s 36/12k miles.
So you’re saying he messed up the Residual Value?
They said they wouldn’t budge on price because of all the rebates. I’m “below invoice”… and they say they are losing money on this deal… Idk. I think the price should be lower.

Have them verify that residual value, they most likely made a mistake. And when people here have gotten 10%, 12%, even 13% off these in certain states the thought of them not being able to go deeper than 3% off MSRP is simply not true.

He told me that their invoice is 43,500… so I’m 200 below invoice. You’re right, 3% is just a horrible discount on msrp. I just don’t know how to go about getting them to lower that discount.

The last post on RV for a Bolt Premier was between 50-53%, for this to be 65% either

  • GM just really adjusted the Bolt Leasing and none of the dealers know that yet.
  • It’s not with GMFL Even though it says it is.
  • They made a horrible mistake and they will reclaim the car within 10 days as per the contract you signed (Basically a free car for 10 days)

Don’t listen to the ‘we are losing money on this car’, that’s bull, unless the car has been in an accident or a loaner, or is USED, or you are a good friend of the owner, none of those are true.

Most lease hackers here go with Price / RV / MF, I myself go with Monthly / Total, and I like your Total Payment for a 2020 Bolt EV Premier

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When it comes to car sales and overall front end gross on a monthly basis, invoice is a meaningless number for an individual shopper.

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The numbers do not add up on the calculator either.
According to these numbers the one time payment should be 6582.
If I don’t do the one time pay, the monthly payments should be $180, or 195 with tax.

ooo a bolt for 6582…now that is super nice.

According this the calculator you posted for me the one time payment should be 6582.
If I don’t do the one time pay, the monthly payments should be $180, or 195 with tax.
Why is it not adding up correctly?

Honestly NOTHING is adding up correctly. MV is off, RV is off, Total Payment is off.

This is Nevada, are they doing a Vegas switcheroo?

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You cannot use their numbers…they just don’t add up, and I think to some degree it is by design. Submit the new calc with YOUR 12% off MSRP, and see what they say, and respond accordingly. You are banking on them wanting to move this old unit once and for all. If they don’t want to, you are wasting your time.

BTW, I’d throw their BS rebates tactic right back at them…EVERYONE that qualifies for these rebates gets them, and does not affect the deal whatsoever, don’t let them try to use your rebates against you…it’s BS.


I just leased a Bolt Premier in so CAL (San Diego) this week

MSRP: $43,955
Capitalized Cost (Cost of Car): 39,455
3/36 with 15k per year
Residual was 50% at 15k
Money factor: .00053
If I would have paid the first payment and acq fee and taxes up front the payment would have been: $215.05 and that would have required a little over $2k cash up front not counting the service plan.
Due at Signing: $0
Payment with 7.75% tax: $297.54
I also bought a $769 service contract that that covers 3/45 that I may cancel but it is part of the payment.

This deal looks like it’s matching all the numbers. The OP doesn’t match anything.

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yes I am very careful…I checked it all…I think they ripped me out of $150 they promised me, but its too late to whine and I did ok…if I pushed a little harder I could have prob got $500 more, but it was late on a school nite with 3 small children one of them being a 1 year old and a tired wife…