Chevy Bolt discounts off MSRP in NY

Hoping the lords of lease can provide some insight.

I’ve been reading as much as I can so as not to ask questions already on the board - special thanks to @ElectricEliminator, @chevysalesgirl, @ChevyPhil, and @thesamegems.

Here’s question… I’m having a really hard time getting discounts on MSRP greater than 3-4%, which seems very different than the 8-15% I’ve seen here . That of course has a huge impact on the lease payment and would make the difference between me doing the lease and not doing the lease. Is it just a dramatic decrease in availability? Anything I should be doing? FYI, I’m in NY state.

NY dealers are stingy on electric vehicles because of the point of sale rebate. It makes it look like a much better deal than it actually is. The best strategy would be to make a counter offer or a proposal that has the discount that you are looking for. 10% off is not an unreasonable target. I’d forget about the 15% you’ve seen on some Midwestern one-offs, the demand and incentives for EVs is much worse there.

When you say NY state do you mean Upstate? Or the NYC metro area? It’s gonna get colder and snowy in less than a couple of months Upstate, so good luck to any dealers that want to try and move these then.

Point well taken… I’m about 40 miles north of the city, but have no issue traveling 1-200 miles or so to make the deal work.

Also do not know why but the NY pricing on the bolt does suck. I was kinda glad to get mine the way I did and it worked in my budget, but remember NJ is impossible to duplicate since it’s also zero taxes and a great rebate.

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I think some people here have made it look too easy to get past 4% on a Bolt. I worked on it for over 2 weeks and couldn’t get anywhere close to 10%. I’ve since moved on, especially once I realized the cost of insurance.

It’s not that it can’t be done-- but it’s not that easy to get done. You will need to be talking with the right dealer at the right time…

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Good point on the insurance. I just quoted it out and it was surprisingly high. That said, if I can find a way to get the 10% OI, then I’ll definitely take the plunge.

I am helping my friend to get Bolt as well. So far i got 6% discount before incentives for fully loaded $40k LT trim. I called almost every dealer in central and Southern NY. Nobody wanted to provide more than supplier discount. He ended up paying for 36/15k $245/m with first and DMV DAS. Have lease conquest Costco and $2k NY clean rebate. The inventory is pretty good in my opinion. Some dealers have more than 10 units in stock.

I’m in the same boat, NY dealers are offering very little in the way of dealer discounts compared to NJ. Add in the sales tax and the smaller rebate and it’s a very different deal than just over the border (which is 5 miles from me).

If you find a dealer willing to negotiate, let me know. Maybe if we go in looking for two cars instead of one we can make a better deal.

Have you checked Rodo? I’ve seen a bunch of okay deals on Bolta there. no free cars like in NJ, but still

I haven’t but will take a look. Thanks

Snow is coming to northem part of NY. Great deals are showing up. This is a mesage for fhose from southern NY if they are not afraid to take 6 hours drive home. Decent inventory. Got much better deal than above. From my recent experience You can get $199/m with all ttf rolled in for 36/12k miles a year for $40k loaded LT trim. Happy hunting

@WMeda - sure thing! How far are you willing to drive?

Thanks @Zenek

Thanks @sebastian_fl - I checked out Rodo but unfortunately didn’t find anything with a discount below 3%.

sorry to hear. this is weird though as every Bolt I see has at least 3200-3400 discount before 5750/6750+1500 (rodo doesn’t show costco 3000).

Not sure where You see this on dealers web site. Can You provide any example?

Its on Rodo, not dealer website. This is for MSRP of 37495.

if I add 3000 costco to it, and make it one payment, it would be 6500 or so.

If you are looking at deals in NY they are most likely factoring the $2,000 NYS specific point of sale rebate into those “discounts” being shown.

Maybe different states have different discounts. was worth checking anyway.