Chevrolet Blazer EV... Reservation & Ordering Discussion

Thanks for sharing the market specific info! Having just leased one of these and posted in a separate thread - this seems to be a tremendous value in markets with the $3,250 and assuming Costco and Lease Conquest. Surprised this isn’t on the main page. The highest value 2LT - before taxes with a one-pay and an attainable discount of 6% is like $280 a month equivalent. If you assume saving $100 a month in fuel - this is super cheap - and super nice. (The fuel savings I estimated in Tennessee with some of the lowest electricity rates in the country would be greater than in a lot of regions)


So in the end I didnt move forward with that dealer. When I started to go through their numbers I was getting one of the 3250 rebates. Weirdly enough they weren’t on the announced list, they stated they could give it out via certain locations near them, but for me their one system said I qualified but their other didn’t. We decided to just hold off at the time since other than that I only received 2k (supplier & competitive lease) discounts.

Hopefully next set of discounts are better.

Potenailly a better month this month for the Blazer EV? One of the dealers reached out to me saying they increased the conquest by $500.

Also now in the RF calculator my residual has increased quite abit. Seems like the 24 month is the way to go again.


Alright! I will post in signed once I picked it up but I was able to affectively get a 8% discount off of MSRP on a 2LT. Dealer was great to work with. Will share more once it’s in my hands haha.


working on a deal now
ratefinder isn’t giving me any info on 2LT
would you mind sharing rv mf and incentives?

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Ask here

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Officially picked it up today! Drives like a dream love it!

I’ll post my signed once I get abit more time but for others looking I went to an NJ dealer. Paying 361 per month for 23 more months (10K / 24m). 0 DAS (includes 1st payment). Effective is 272 / M. They paid me for the rest of my current lease (including dis fee and the 1 month of nj charge up I owe) hense the effective.

Feel free to PM me if you want dealer seems like they are willing to work.

NOTE: GO IN WITH A DEAL. I sent them a proposal for what I wanted including the payoff. They reviewed and accepted in hours. NIGHT AND DAY easier than asking for a number. Highly recommend this method. Others here have said it a million times but I witnessed it. As long as you aren’t an insane number it works.

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Just got allocation for 2025 Blazer EVs-

These can be placed with SUPERCRUISE, available on RS Models-

If you want to get your SUPERCRUISE Blazer EV ordered- it will get put in this week!

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Has anyone gotten a deal for a Blazer EV in Colorado since we have another $5000 state tax credit? I’m wondering what that might bring the effective monthly price to for a 24 mo one-pay lease.

Was just reading up on the 25s. Seems like overall prices are a tad higher BUT they are allowing you to take off options which will lower it. Overall it’s a net but great for the “want to get in an EV but don’t want to pay for stuff I don’t need” crowd.

Double post but I was reading an article on the Equinox EV and they actually posted a Blazer EV 2LT that seems to have a discount off MSRP for 15.9%. This is the non moonroof version black.

Seems to be Southeast Texas:

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Brokers are buying these for 2500 back of MSRP- I’m sure you’ll see a 3999$ addendum when you work a deal with a low volume Beaumont dealer- but - you never know!

Ill be honest I don’t know much about Texas dealers haha. Figure I’d share for anyone looking!

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Well- I’m here- so you could share my contact info!

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I can’t get Supplier, Costco and Conquest to stack in the SS calculator.

Seems like Supplier isn’t doing anything for me here, and I just spent 10 minutes on our ridiculous intranet confirming eligibility, finding the company code I needed, signing up for, etc.

Am I doing it wrong?

Even more confused, based on the behavior of the calculator.

Spouse should qualify for Educator ($500), I have Supplier ($1,000). It’s either/or, so Supplier wins.

Then Costco ($1,000)
Current Lease ($1,000)
Competitive Lease - Audi EV qualifies ($1,500)

So that should be $4,500 total.

Obviously I can manually enter these into Taxed Incentives, but I can’t get the Calculator to “allow” this combo using Rate Findr.

The calculator doesn’t work right for Blazer EV. We did try to get it fixed. Has been discussed a few times in this thread. You can read starting about here-


I skimmed but missed that. Thanks.

Is my logic sound?

I’m not up to speed on the latest June programs, which changed from May and these incentives can vary by zip code and even VIN. I feel like they make them intentionally confusing.

Your rebate stack looks OK but short. Last month there was Select Market CCR and also a Chevrolet private offer. Some dealers will add the CCR into the discount. Best to check with @ChevyGuy or @chevysalesgirl and have them confirm using the GM desking program.

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Saw that, and this would be registered in Columbus, OH, which is on the list.

I’ll do some more digging as suggested.

Thank you