Check My Deal - 2019 Audi E-Tron Premium Plus

Went in tonight to get some info. Details in photo. I know I can get lower but where should I start? He is saying the MF is .0021 which I know is a little higher as I’m seeing .00173 on edmunds. He’s giving me the audi marketing cash of 7500.

I don’t want to put anything down but he has us down at 3k to start. Let me know if you need more info. I think I can get the selling price down even farther but 18% is a great start from what I’ve been seeing. Also I’m in MN so taxes are a little different.

Thanks for the help! It is month end so they seem to be motivated. I appreciate any advice!

Dealer allowance, 6-8ishk, @dannyaudi feel free to correct me, it’s not 18% put it under untaxed incentives when you get it from edmunds alongside RV and base MF.

First Mistake was going to dealer do all negotiations by email or phone only step into dealership to sign paperwork and take delivery. I would not put 3K down if it is stolen or totaled kiss that 3K goodbye.

You did not say what is the mileage allowance but this is far from the best etron deal here. Tell them you will take it for 600 and zero down assuming 10k miles a year.

From may, there has been a MF hike, different dealer allowance possibly in your favor? Inventory shortage could be a role, and no costco. Minnesota has the tax upfront on total lease payment thing, so that can be adjusted, may add extra cost due to the high MF. Just my ¢2

sorry about that. 36/12k on the mileage.

I have no problem talking to people face to face and walking away if need be. I’m not putting 3k down that was their original offer. I was more so looking for what kind of percentage off people are getting on this. Seems to be around 15% or so before incentives.

This is possible calculator, based on the values you have. I have 755, but my thinking is; thats the same number dealer has and because of the heart of gold he/she has, gave you another 5.50 discount to make it less than 750 per month. But that’s just me and I could be wrong.

The discount is about 11% keeping 6k of marketing allowance aside and 7500 lease cash.

RV is 41%, which is bad for p+ even with 12K miles.

You can play with the numbers to see what you want to negotiate on.

You’re missing the point. This is not the LH way

Do not get me wrong
These days people have a lot of free time. Some of them going to the park or the beach and some visiting dealers…:rofl::rofl::rofl:

Correcting you for a different reason lol