Cheapest suv/small crossover lease?

Trying to help out a coworker looking for small crossover/suv lease or purchase. Has no current lease.

Which cars would be the cheapest to lease or buy? Only rebate she could possibly qualify for is recent grad.

Ideal price under $300 a month
Would equinox still be cheap lease when you cannot factor in any competitive lease rebate etc?

Likes Kia Sportage and Mazda cx5, not sure how well those sell/lease for

RAV4 & Rogue come to mind. Search the forum.

Anyone have any recent Rav4, CX5 leases om CA to share?

CA often has the best deals. Whatever deal you find in any other state can probably be replicated in CA.

Paging @Ed_Churchward for $222/mo Rogue

I got a 16 rogue sv for $212 a month with a $500 drive off. Van Nuys Nissan. Mike in the internet dept.

2016.5 MAZDA CX-5 AWD Grand Touring leases EXCELLENTLY for 24 mo. this month. RV for 24/10 is 73% and MF .00040 AND $934 lease cash. This is the top trim model, leather,navigation, blind spot monitor, rain sensing wipers, you name it, all standard. MSRP $30,770. Get a decent sale price and you can EASILY get this for roughly $275 including tax per month, about $800 total drive off. In my opinion, this is the most bang for your buck in small SUV’s this month

Does the Chevy Trax count as a suv/small crossover? If so, it’s gotta be the cheapest one right now. Even without the Asian lease discount, I’m seeing $108/mo for the trax with $1135 due at signing using the honcker app. I’m sure you can get an even better deal than that if you actually negotiate.

What do you think would be a good discount to ask for? We all know the new CX-5 is due to come out this year.

Qx30 will be around $300 a month with minimum drive offs. 39/10
I’ve posted one time coupon of $2000 which is valid till 31st march… if you can combine that it should be cheaper.

10% off MSRP would be considered excellent. I doubt you’ll find much lower than that

Yeah, I tried to shoot for $4,500 off on a Touring. Gave them the excuse that it’s a 2016 model. The most they were willing to discount was $500 off MSRP. No go.

26,409 MSRP RAV4​ LE 36/15K
577.41 total out of pocket
$258+ tax

This was first offer received from one dealer