Cheapest option with red HOV stickers



Any thoughts on the cheapest per month or per mile option amongst so many cars that are eligible - pure electric, plug in hybrids and fuel cell like Mirai. In north California


fiat 500e?


Yes…the 500e was the cheapest last year at $8400 one pay before credits for a 36mo/10k miles.


FYI new stickers are now purple


Boardwalk Chrysler is advertising $230 a month for Pacifica plug-in.


I think I paid $6K total for my Smart car


I’m pretty sure lease support is over on the 18 pacificas.


But oh how I wish that deal was legit, I’d drive 6 hours there tomorrow for that!


$2350 down so about $4k due at signing…come on, dude! Don’t just post monthly if there’s more to pay.


I’d bet they have to do something with those.

There are a metric ton of 18’s out there. I’d bet Chrysler runs a stupid program on them (granted, it might be purchase).


the ad says the 2350 is down + first payment, so if you roll that into the monthly it’s still 300 a month with drive offs for a 47k van Still, I think the ad is BS. Pacifica hybrid limiteds do not lease near that close.


Down plus fees and taxes…come on, people…read the fine print.
So when all is done you are looking at about $13k in payments. I’m not sure i buy it either…but i have seen this type of deal on evs.


It’s always :heavy_plus_sign::heavy_plus_sign: and never :goal_net: :goal_net:


I check on this bookmark of mine every once in awhile… just to see what I can reasonably expect when my EV lease expires next year
Lease Offers


You know nothing of deals for this particular model and trim then. If you knew anything about the RV of this car, you would know paying near 13k over the lease for this is way into unicorn territory. Saying you’ve seen other EVs lease for this price also means absolutely zilch. Try finding searching a lease for this car/trim on this site for 300 a month, you won’t find 400 even.


Pro tip - an electric or plug-in vehicle that has never been registered in CA qualifies for the HOV sticker, EVEN if used.

So the cheapest option could actually be buying a used electric car from out-of-state and bringing it over


A comparable msrp ev would be the i3 which has leases that low. I know this car doesn’t lease that well so my suspicion is the dealer is discounting the CVRP credit in the down. Just inquire about it and see what they say…or maybe it was just “one at this price” type of deal.


No one cross shops an i3 with a Pacifica. You should probably also look up what CVRP means, it’s not something captives would ever incentivize into leases.


It’s irrelevant if there are any cross shoppers or not, similar msrp was the point. Also a valid point is that the car is grossly overpriced.
Sure they wouldn’t…all dealers are honest 100% of the time. Of course some would pull that trick just to get you in and yes, just like the utility rebate, can’t be part of the deal…because they are post sale by definition. I don’t need to look at what CVRP means, i got it 2 times already and going on third.
Anyway, do you know this deal is legit?


You, personally as an individual, can only get the CVRP twice. Of course, if you have a spouse, business, relative, etc. etc. many other situations, they each qualify twice.