Cheapest Manual Car I Can Lease (NY)

Hi everyone,

I really want to get a stick shift car. I don’t know how to drive one but I figured I would learn now.

Originally, I was going to go on Craigslist and get some $3,000 beater but then I thought about all the stuff that could go wrong with the car and how it would be like throwing money down the drain.

After seeing post on here like the Cruz for about a hundred bucks a month, I figured it may be worth while to lease a stick shift car since I see that manual transmissions are cheaper than automatic transmissions.

The way I look at it, if I could get a lease (any lease) for around $75 a month (is that unrealistic?), it would be better than buying an used car off CL which may fall apart on the drive home.

Let me know what you think and if you have any cars that come to mind.

Thank You

I agree probably a Cruze or Sentra if Nissan offers a manual with it.

If the goal is to learn driving a stick, I would go the craigslist route, and get something for <1,000

There are a lot of cars priced low for cosmetic issues and because ancillary things like AC, power windows, etc don’t work. Just find something with a running engine and transmission.

You’re looking at, say, $100/month * 36 + disposition fee = $3,950 spent on a car that you might start to hate after a couple months (or even less). Would you really want to drive a Chevy Spark or Mitsu Mirage (cheapest manual cars listed I saw on a quick search) for the next three years?

Buy a beater and then dump it. $900 beater + $100 mechanic PPI - $500 back (2-3 months later) = all in cost $500 (or less, since you should be able to get back more than $500 for it) + the cost of 1yr registration.

Something like this or this or this (new clutch!) will probably last long enough to learn driving a stick

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I saw the Sentra at the dealership yesterday with manual. They said 200 a month. I said LOL

I think that is making more sense.

I actually saw the Escort a while back and considered. The second listing looks like a fake listing. The third listing I would get in a heartbeat - I already sent them an e-mail yesterday. Waiting on the response :slight_smile:

2nd listing actually has a ph number - a little less likely to be fake than the typical fake listing.

Use the 3rd one to negotiate the second one down (if the third is gone)

I loved the tongue-in-cheek humor of the first.

Base Jetta comes with manual and has good lease deals advertised

Haha I noticed that but the second listing’s picture looks like it is from down south and the listing is in Brooklyn which looks nothing like the picture!

I called the third listing because the number was actually on the car in the second picture - He wants $3,200 for it, not $320 so that’s out of the picture lol

And yeah the first one was a good read - although he said the hand brake didn’t work so how does he park the car…?

How much do you think we could get that down too Lease Hacker style? haha

They are advertising the 2017 for 149. So on a 2016 leftover you should be able to another 2k off, so payment would get close to 100

75 a month with 0 down is going to be unrealistic. They may be cheap cars but they will also have low residuals, so the math will not work out.

Oh okay I see. I was only saying that because of the $35 Cruz deals last year

Leave it in any gear when you shut off the car.

2017 VW Golf Wolfsburg comes in a manual and is a ton of car for the money (if you like hatchbacks – not for everyone). Residuals and money factor are only fair (.00105 and 67% (24/12) or 60% (36/12)), but if you can negotiate a large discount and qualify for any incentives, you could get the payment below $150 for the 24 month lease.

That’s base Jetta money, AFAIK Golfs are always more expensive (to purchase or to lease)

Not surprised…320 seemed absurdly low for a well-maintained Camry

IMO the best buys will be cars that don’t have a natural (Toyota) or cult (VW, Honda) following for the manual cars.

Something from the big 3 domestic or outside the big 3 asian (Toyota, Honda, Nissan)

Not always the best idea. (Even though Saab used to insist on it) I know cars that have been left in gear and been shunted from the wrong direction and that was the end of the gearbox.

It’s a $600 beater, I would not fret too much over worst case scenarios

Still, disposing of cars costs money. Also, how are you supposed to learn how to do a proper handbrake turn without one? :slight_smile:

Worst comes to fruition you can donate the car to a school and add that to your charitable contributions to deduct on your taxes.