Cheapest EV lease deals?

Does anyone have a list of typical lease deals for EV”s?

I have a 2021 Etron but I want something that has better mileage and more mileage.

Any ideas or lists would be solid.

I’m in CA if that makes much difference.

Thanks in advance.

PS love my Audi but gets bad EV miles and only 208 total with heat it’s more like 140 and any hills it’s like 80

Been seeing good numbers on nissan ariyas


Niro wind is cheap, but also no where near an etron


How do you like the wind? It has great EV mileage whatever that is called.

I really enjoy my E Tron, but I drive about 15,000 miles a year and with California utilities that’s about $.50 a kilowatt and the only reason I went electric is so I can use the carpool lane which I need.

Hopefully, as the EV market starts to get more saturated will see more lease deals.

Maybe I’ll put together a list of the best EV lease deals if there isn’t one already.

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The niro is a nice compact car with mostlfthe amenities, just the xc40 was a bit roomier

Hate to say it but EQS is still one of the best, even though lease deals have gotten worse since 2-3 months ago. It’s still a very good value proposition. And if you want range, the sedan can go 400+ miles.

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I have an Ioniq 5 which has been a great vehicle, but since buying in February (Hyundai lease deal wasn’t out yet), I’ve realized leasing an EV is the way to go, both for the $7500 that often isn’t applicable otherwise and because of the hefty depreciation.

I’m content holding tight for now, but I’m keeping an eye on EQE SUV or Q8 e-tron deals to hopefully get silly in the future.


Any one know what kind of numbers are we looking at currently for the EQS/EQE deals?

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Depending on how the market pans out, I might just extend this out or buy a cheap used car until things possibly change.

The EQS looks awesome maybe I will see what I can get on one of these all dealers seem to have a ton is inventory and all want to be #1 EV dealer.

I might move offices which will allow me to do less miles but I pay 558 w tax for 36/15.

I 100% agree, only lease the EV unless you can get those big rebates. If you don’t qualify, you typically can lease it and they’ll pass that on.

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Problem is it’s very region dependent and ever changing.

If you take a look in the marketplace today, it’s:

Ioniq 5 SE
Niro EV Wind
iX (sort of)
bZ4X/Solterra (on & off)
ID4 (sort of, more of a lease to buy candidate)

Nissan & Ford EV even if they lease well (they typically don’t), aren’t lease to buy candidates since lease buy out is not available.

Amongst the above, only the Niro EV really seems like a good deal to lease. Ioniq 5 & C40 are good for their MSRP but over $115 more per mo vs Niro EV

All subject to change anytime of course.


It also depends on how many stackable rebates you can qualify for (Fleet + Conquest for Mercedes, for example).

Some brands offer substantial MSD or one-pay savings, some don’t.


This is a fantastic list.

I’m gonna have to see what Mercedes has for the one pay everything I saw so far is a 12 month lease. I think I’d want something that’s at least 24 months.

My biggest problem is I’m in Southern California and electricity rates are high, so I want something that is economical when it comes to mileage for the EV. Also I drive a lot.

What is more and more EVs come out I think having a list it would be great so I wanted to make this post but selfishly. I also wanted to see what’s available.

The id4 is very efficient in the RWD configuration. I get way over 300 miles on mine on a full charge. It isn’t the fastest car but it does drive nice and has great build quality. The lease deal was really good but I bought mine out. Can not pay that money factor… that goes for all these EV leases except the Mercedes in my opinion.

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How about phev?

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300 miles. This is the pro model with bigger battery right?

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Yes I have the Pro S

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I’ll give it some thought, but best bets today are:

JGC 4xe
Wrangler 4xe

There’s plenty of others available, none of which lease well or are necessarily good lease to buy candidates. Please correct me if you know of any and I’ll amend the above.

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If you are on SCE they have a special rate for ev owners, currently its 56c day 26c night on week days and 36/26 weekends called tou-d-prime