Cheapest Bolt/Tahoe on LeaseHackr?

To preface, this deal is not replicable. It’s been about a months since my account with GM Financial has been closed, and I am ready to share my final numbers :slight_smile:. For original context of my Bolt deal, see the following link: 2020 Chevy Bolt LT - NJ - $6512 One Pay - $1512 After NJ Rebate

A Quick Summary of my Bolt Deal:
Year, Make, Model, and Trim: 2020 Chevy Bolt LT
MSRP: $39,790
Monthly Payment: $0
Drive-Off Amount: $6512.XX
Months: 36
Annual Mileage: 10k/yr
MF: .00051 → .00001 for One Pay
Residual: 53%
Incentives: $10,250 (5750 Lease Cash, 3000 Costco, 1500 Conquest)
Region: New Jersey
Leasehackr Score: 74.3 Years

So, as we know, the Bolt’s were all recalled last year due to being able to spontaneously combust. I filed a claim with GM’s Bolt hotline in late September. I spent a lot of time on the phone arguing, convincing and trying to make the GM reps feel sorry for me and my situation. Why? Because like a shark smells blood in the water, I smelled money. I had previously read the GM had been buying back Bolts due to this - that was not the outcome I was looking for. I would get back a few grand (well, $6k), but in Covid market, that would only get me a 15 year old beater. However, I had a Chrysler that was a lemon in 2014 and they offered to buy it back, or switch to any other car in their lineup. This was more intriguing to me due to the massive amount of incentives on the Bolt.

I eventually got approval to do a vehicle swap in late October/early November. Still had no idea how it would work or what the numbers would look like, you literally don’t find out until you’re at the dealership. Now, I had to find a Chevy dealer willing to sell a Tahoe at sticker when most are going for $3k over sticker (requirement of the swap is that the deal is at sticker - GM’s rule). I called about 10 dealerships of both Chevy and GMC (Yukon would be fine too) and only about half had Tahoe’s in stock. Most dealers were over sticker and while sympathetic, weren’t willing to go to sticker. Eventually I convinced the dealership I got my Bolt from to do the swap at sticker. Perfect - they’re like 7 minutes from my house too. However, they had none in stock, we would need to order one - but no worries, they had some builds submitted already and I could pick one! They had 2 2021’s and 1 2022 submitted to be built. While I don’t understand how these 2 model years were shipped only 2 weeks apart, I opted for the 2022. It was finally built in the middle/end of November and arrived in NJ about 10 days later at the end of November/beginning of December. Due to GM Finance and the Buyback/Swap Committee, there were some delays on me actually getting the truck.

Finally, I got a call that everything was good to go, I would just need to bring a check for $25,165.00. :sob: The reason was for the difference in Window Stickers had to be paid for upfront, the Tahoe had a $64,955 sticker. No matter, the fine folks at GM that are impossible to reach or get answers from did promise me that the contract would stay exactly the same and sure enough, it did! What this means is that I now had a 1 pay lease on the Tahoe, for the lowly sum of $25,165.00 + $1,512 = $26,677. Even better, the residual stayed the same as was agreed upon for the Bolt - $21,088. GM covered DMV and taxes as part of the swap process. I can basically buy out the lease and own a brand new $65k Tahoe for like $47k.

A Quick Summary of my Tahoe Deal:
Year, Make, Model, and Trim: 2022 Chevy Tahoe LT with Signature Package
MSRP: $64,955
Monthly Payment: $0
Drive-Off Amount: $26,677.XX (including the Bolt payment)
Months: 23 (months remaining when swap took place)
Annual Mileage: 10k/yr
MF: .00051 → .00001 for One Pay
Residual: 32.5% (But lease not really calculated on this - the buyout is though :smiley: )
Incentives: $10,250 (5750 Lease Cash, 3000 Costco, 1500 Conquest) + $5k from NJ state for EV rebate [Carried over to Tahoe deal]
Region: New Jersey
Leasehackr Score: 7.7 Years - Low Score, but the Residual is where the deal is…

No idea how to even put this on the calculator, but I’ll try my best.

Anyway, I picked it up in the middle of December, and sold in the beginning of February with the help of @DNA_Auto_Wholesale1 Adam from DNA had a contact that charged $1k to do the buyouts, but would save me the hassle of paying sales taxes and dealing with the DMV. I sold the truck for $64k even. After the fee and the residual, I got a check for $42k. All in all, I had a Bolt for 15 months and a Tahoe for about 3 months - and made a bit over $15k in the process. Not bad for a Chevy!

My inside joke that no one gets is that I made more money on that Tahoe than GM building and selling it to the dealer, the dealer selling it to me/GM Financial. GM Financial leasing it to me, the dealer buying it out and Adam wholesaling combined!




That man an architect.

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This read was insane. I tell you, insane! Congratulations to ACTUALLY pulling that off. I wonder if I should even attempt this with my one-pay bolt… just been taking GM’s money for a rental vehicle and gas for the past several months but this is just amazing.

This is the way! I am still waiting for GM to build my vehicle for a swap and plan on doing the same.

@ElectricEliminator Mans got you beat on effective cost on a GM lease in Jersey now. Abdicate thy crown.


And obviously you are going to report this gain on your taxes and pay taxes ……

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This is one of the most ridiculous things I have ever read but congratulations because you basically won the lottery.

I would pay to see the look on the GM reps face if they looked back into it to see you sold the car after 2 months :rofl:

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He clearly sold it for a loss… maybe he should claim that? :wink:


Thanks for the shoutout! Glad we could make it easy for you, hope to hear from you soon with more leads.



The depression anxiety and headaches cost more than those measly 15k….


You’re not kidding. I’m going on 6 months already but thankfully end is near.

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If you knew this was gonna happen
Would you still have leased it? Probably not
The headache is not worth it
But hope it works out for you!
Tell them you want a c8 :rofl::rofl:



I was going to order c8 but I’ve seen wait times of over a year, so I ordered something else.

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It was definitely a headache, but I wasn’t too worried about it - worst case I still had a Bolt that was almost free. Best case I got a great deal on a truck.

Patience is an important virtue…


So now what?

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So I was down to 2 cars (I still have the Solstice and the Saab). I still have the Maverick and Bronco on order if they ever get scheduled to be built (we can pray and hope lol). I would give one them to my dad (at least temporarily) as his BMW lease is up in July, and the prospect of paying $1100 for a 540 like he has now for $499 doesn’t sound appealing.

I did however just pick up an Elantra N (Need to take some pics, but I will post about it soon). I was thinking about selling the Saab on Cars&Bids as I could probably get like $7-10k for it, but I also like the idea of having a beater I can drive to shitty areas and park on the street and stuff.

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Mind sharing the deal you got on it?

I’ll do a full write up soon, but I got it for sticker.


I also have a 2020 Bolt with $44k MSRP and If I follow your steps probably I would make more money but I don’t think I can do it. I got tired when I read it. Well done boss. Congrats!

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